Little Loves #7


I finished my book! I can highly recommend Close to Home especially if you are into your detective stories.
I almost missed the twist at the end....always read the epilogue! I almost didn't and therefore would have missed what happened! I really enjoyed it and will definitely buy Cara Hunters second DI Fawley book when it is out in July.
I followed the crowd and bought Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. I did um and ah about it as I do tend to prefer a detective story but after Close to Home I thought of maybe going for something a little different.
In all honesty......I'm not sure how I am going to do with it but worth a try, especially given all the good reviews about it.


Half term and showing the boys that we can get Youtube on our tv has meant I have discovered DanDTM. They watch him non-stop!


I've been listening to the Blood Brothers soundtrack a lot again recently. We had some really sad news on Sunday and for some reason this song has become even more relevant for me at the moment. It was Lyn Paul who I have seen sing this song at the theatre the previous two times I have gone and she will be there again when I go and watch in May. Her voice is just stunning. This is the only version I can find on Youtube but you get the idea. Even through watching this you can see how amazing she is with the emotion. Look how quickly she switches it on. Amazing, talented, beautiful woman.


For our Valentines meal this week we had Oysters from our local Fishmongers, as well as Jumbo King Prawns and Scallops, then had Chicken breast wrapped in Italian Ham with mash and a stuffed mushroom. 


I haven't actually worn these yet but I did buy them this week from TKMaxx. I am into Crystals and their healing properties and absolutely fell in love with these. Harry was actually the one who found them and I was super impressed that he was aware of my love for Crystals, as it's not something I really try to push them into.

And lastly...

On Sunday we went to Norfolk to see my boyfriend for a bit. He was on call with work so we were limited with where we could go but we went to a lovely garden centre and then went out for dinner. I got some devastating news about a family member whilst there and couldn't have been any more grateful to have my boyfriend with me who, without even trying, managed to keep me strong and we ended up having a lovely afternoon and evening.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat


An Overwhelming Love

It overwhelms me sometimes.
Most of the time.
I can't see how it is possible to love someone this much.
The knots and butterflies in my tummy, my racing heart, my eyes locked on his face, a smile so big it is hard to miss...And harder to remove. My ears, listening to his voice which has become my favourite sound.

My thoughts...our thoughts...on the future. Discussing travel plans and things we want to experience...together.

A man who is not only my Love, but my friend too. A man who instantly...a lot quicker than either of us thought or anticipated...became this massive part of my life.
3 months feels more like 3 years and if we haven't met previously, in another life, then this is enough proof that we were meant to meet. And meant to be in each other's lives.

I wrote a note on a random piece of paper last year, around October time, of what I wanted to find in a man.
I wanted someone who made me laugh, and who laughed at me. Someone who would randomly call me during the day just so we can hear each other's voices. Someone who would message me in the middle of the day just to check in.
Someone who would love me, and someone who I would love.
I forgot about that list. I put it under my bed, amongst all the other crap underneath there, and completely forgot about it.
Then he came along. The man I had asked for.

Three or four weeks later I found that note again and I smiled the biggest smile, knowing my wish had been asked for.

I fell for him straight away. The 14th of November. During a very very long telephone call.
And I fell hard.

And the love I have for him now overwhelms me.
The love that creeps up on me everyday and adds to the love I already feel overwhelms me.
Because just when I think I can't love him anymore than I hits me again.

I've always struggled to trust people. Always having doubts about them. But him...there is something different. I would never question him or need to.
And it's such a strange feeling for me to feel so incredibly content and happy and settled.
To have no questionable, doubtful feelings.
To feel a considerable amount of trust and faith in this man.

I can't help but to wonder how I got so lucky to have a man like him.
A man who makes me laugh. Like, really makes me laugh. A man who I can talk to. A man who makes me feel pretty. And loved. And special.

And a man who makes me feel strong. He makes me believe in myself and in my abilities.
We share beliefs, faith and the same attitude on a lot of things and he has helped me in so many ways.

I can only hope to always make him feel as special as he makes me feel.
And as loved.
No matter how overwhelming it is.



Little Loves #6


Ridiculously excited that I have actually read a book! An actual book!! I saw it in Morrisons when I went in there a couple of weekends ago and was going to save it for my holiday in April. Then I sat and started reading it and have managed to get half way through in a couple of days. Something I didn't expect! 
It might not sound like much but I haven't managed to get into a book or read a book for a few years and this is really the point that Harry has even been asking me about it. 
I'm hoping to have finished it by the end of next week and already have some similar books in my Amazon basket.


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