Little Loves #12


I finished 'In a Cottage In a Wood' this week and really enjoyed it. However, I got really invested in the main character and I did feel the end was a little rushed. "And then this, and that, the end".
I just wanted a little more really. To know she was ok and settled and happy.
I do already have my next book. I have bought Blacklands by Belinda Bauer. It sounds really interesting and I can't wait to get stuck into it.


I finally got round to watching Schindler's List. It has been on my to watch list for a long time and after a colleague of mine went to Poland and went to a Schindler museum and discussing it at work I decided to watch it with my boyfriend.
It was a really good film, despite for the first three quarters of the film thinking that Schindler was a bit of a bastard and not really getting the hero hype about him, by the end I was sat wondering what the hell I am doing with my life if this man was able to save so many.


Although this is watched as well I guess it mainly focuses around heard.
This week I also watched a Spirit Talk by Andy Byng. Andy is a teacher and mentor and I was able to see him give an address at the Arthur Findlay College earlier on this year and pretty much felt drawn to him straight from then.
When I saw him at the college he said a lot of things that really made me think about my life and how I live and changed my life really, so when I saw the opportunity to join in the free talk he was hosting I jumped at it. Thank goodness for Youtube and DanDTM for keeping the boys occupied so I could watch.
I sat and made notes as I watched the talk and was so inspired.


I made me and the boys a roast chicken dinner on Tuesday. Well, Morrisons cooked the chicken, I did the rest. It was lovely...if I do say so myself. In fact, the boys empty plates at the end...other than the left over chicken bones, was enough proof that I did good.


I had two more tattoos this week. I haven't taken photos of them yet as they are dry and I needed one to be added to (eyelashes were missing from one eye) which is now done.
However, here is a little hint as to what I got...and my sleeve isn't finished despite the text below. I wimped out of getting the third tattoo and getting the shading done as the other bits I had were more sore than I thought.

And lastly…

Although I've had some tough times recently, with two deaths in the family and feeling a bit low and beaten mentally, I have come out of the feeling quite strong in certain ways.
I have made some choices which hopefully will see a big change in the next two months. I'm a bit scared and overwhelmed but excited all the same.
Ooooo cryptic.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

Benefits to bike riding


Bike riding is good on the environment, using minimal fossil fuels and pollution-free. As well as that, the more bikes that are used then the possibility is that less cars will be made. Bikes are better on the environment when it comes to being made as well as being used.

Cheap hobby

The great thing about cycling is that it is a cheap hobby. The biggest expense is likely to be the bike itself, and with further Bike Discounts on accessories and other pieces needed, the other costs are kept low and affordable.

Can do it as a family

Pretty much anyone can ride a's just their choice as to whether or not they do it.
We teach children to ride a bike from an early age so it seems only right to then make it a hobby and activity to do as a family.

Explore different areas...keep it local or go further

If you can't afford a bike rack or dont have enough room to fit a bike in the back of your car, then riding in your local area, to the supermarket, nature reserve or park is ideal. 

Improve your health

Cycling can not only help boost your energy, burn calories, tone your body, but can also help to improve mental health. Taking time out of work or household situations and being out in the fresh air can be really good for the mind, as well as for the body.


What Is Bad Credit

At one point last year I went to apply for a credit card and was refused, for a little bit more on my overdraft - refused, a loan - refused.
Thinking immediately that this was due to a bad credit report, something that must have only recently happened as my credit score was checked when I applied to rent my current house, I did that thing of panicking and burying my head in the sand.
The bad score would have been down to one credit card I had applied for and used online, which due to an admin error was never sent to me and paperwork was never sent, so I was unable to know how to pay, when to pay, and who to pay.

I then met my boyfriend and two months after being together we had a discussion about money. I admitted that I was sure my credit score was horribly low and feeling ashamed we checked it online.
He was really supportive, because this is something which can be embarrassing, and as we checked we saw that actually my credit score was really good and was better than most people in my area.

Although it's not important or urgently necessary for me to have a credit card, it was something I wanted to do in case of emergency's. It frustrated me that due to one card and an admin error I was then penalised not only with late payment charges (which were thankfully removed) but also with a bad credit score for a while.
However, even with bad credit you have options.

So what exactly is bad credit?

Bad credit is the result of a past failure in keeping up with credit agreements. This is either not paying on time or not paying at all. And the inability to be approved for credit by other lenders.

You would probably have an idea of whether you have bad credit, especially if you have been missing payments. Another sign is if you have applications turned down, lowered credit limits on current cards or increased interest rates.

There is no universal cut off between a good credit score and a bad credit score, however if your score is around 620 it is generally considered as a bad credit score.
Checking your credit report will help you figure out what's causing your credit score to be low, and will help with guidance on how to fix it and how to improve your future lending options.
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