Sundays #14 Continued

I wrote about a little overnight stay in Thetford Forest that I had with my boyfriend and our friends back in May. Having just plugged in my SD card to go through our Scotland photos I then discovered the photos I had taken on my camera rather than on my phone, and wanted to share them on here.

I'm not sure what I'd done to make the photos so blurry but we'll pretend I knew exactly what I was doing and that it was the affect I was going for, ok?


Soulby Village, Yorkshire

On the way back from Scotland we decided to stop off in Yorkshire for the night. It's a long journey from Scotland to home and although it was manageable on the way there it was different on the way back. As my boyfriend said, you don't have that excitement to push you to get there as you do when you are going on holiday.
We also wanted to have a look around a town on the Scottish coast on Friday morning so our depature was later than when we headed to Scotland the week before.

We camped in Kirkby Stephen and after eating way to much in the local pub, we went for a little drive to a nearby village that my boyfriend wanted to visit. A village sharing his surname.
We had a little walk around and then headed back to the campsite, but decided to go back the following morning to have a longer walk and a closer look.

It was absolutely beautiful. We do usually like looking inside churches when we visit new places, or even locally, but although this one was open we didn't go inside as we could hear some people and felt a little uncomfortable.

It was such a beautiful little village, the hot sunshine definitely made it look really special although I can imagine it looking beautiful all year round.
We only saw a handful of people, it was so quiet, with doves flying from the rooftops to their nests in the side of old barns.

We probably looked a bit random to the locals by pulling up and walking around taking photos of their village.
But it was totally worth looking random for.




One of the things I love about camping is sitting inside and looking out on the view. To be honest, even when the view is pants or not at all inspiring, I like just sitting inside feeling surrounded by the tent but with the freedom of having the door wide open.
At the Isle of Man I would open my tent door as soon as I woke up and would get ready with it open.

The first morning of camping in Scotland I decided to take a photo from inside the tent.
Being surrounded by green and woodland was so pretty (despite the midges!!) and I really wanted to capture that.
The second night there was a beautiful sunset and with the net down, it was so warm we couldn't have the whole door zipped up but wanted to keep the midges out and have some kind of privacy, so I couldn't resist taking a photo of the view from inside.
And there came my idea to photograph each view we had during our trip. I also really like having the view framed with the tent doorway.
5 campsites and also 3 nights of Wild Camping meant we would have varied views and I'm really glad I did this as I have loved having it to look back on.

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