A Dog on Eigg

When I think back to my highlights from the Isle of Eigg, not only do I think of the amazing food in the restaurant (black pudding and sausage bap for breakfast is missed everyday!) and the views, especially the view from our tent, this little dog features high.

We first met her at the harbour area and after noticing she was friendly we gave her a fuss. I soon felt like she had become our best friend as she walked with us to the end of the harbour, and one day walked back to our tent with us. Which was slightly awkward as I did wonder if we had accidentally stolen a dog.

She eventually made her way back to the harbour and we saw her there later that evening, where I also met her owner and did mention her coming over to our tent (paranoid that someone might have seen her walking with us and thinking we were stealing her.
Thankfully he was fine, and later on we spent a little more time with her outside.

I have to say, I felt really sad leaving her on the island, and did feel a little jealous coming back and seeing that we aren't the only people who fall for her and who she entices with her charms.

If I ever visit return to the island, I hope to see her again.



Massacre Caves Isle of Eigg

Believed to have happened around 1577, 400 islanders, members of the Macdonald clan, were murdered from a family from the nearby Isle of Skye.

Hiding from the Macleods from the Isle of Skye, the Macdonalds hid for three days in the cave, before being discovered.
The Macleods blocked the entrance of the cave using vegetation which was then set alight.
Suffocated by smoke, the bodies of the Macdonalds were left in the cave. Although it is said there was one survivor, but this may have been because they were hiding in a separate cave.

The cave is reasonably easy to access, although is quite a walk so make sure you have plenty of fluids (something I think we failed on during any of our walks during our holiday) and as with any walking holiday, decent walking shoes. We walked from our tent to the main harbour area to have breakfast and then walked the journey to the cave. Although not signposted from the main road we managed to find the caves, mainly thanks to directions from the lady at the gift and craft shop at the harbour.

The area around the caves was beautiful. Rocky, and of course with sheep poo dotted everywhere (which after even an hour in Scotland you get used to).
Getting into the caves was relatively easy. However, due to the wet ground it was a little slippy so you need to be careful with your footing. We were able to get through the entrance without getting wet knees or a bumped head.

Although a little bit of light coming in through the entrance you could just about make out the inside of the cave. We came across a sheep skull which was placed on a higher rock.
With just my boyfriends mobile phone torch for light, and the slippy floor, I didn't go too far in but he did.

Whether or not the facts about the massacre, and the story behind it, are true, its a beautiful cave to visit.


The Ultimate Guide to Getting Free Pet Items

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The pet freebies that are the most popular of all are pet food samples.

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Get pet freebies from product testing trials

When purchasing a new product, most of us check out the reviews first. Positive, detailed reviews from actual customers will make it a lot more likely you will want to try out the product yourself.

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Contact companies to get free pet items

There are many ways that you can get free pet stuff. Some of the most effective ways are directly contacting companies and asking for free samples. That works particularly well with those companies that are mainly online, since without free samples customers will be unable to see what their products look like, or how well they like products.

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Pet ownership

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