[ad] #foodsavvy Our journey with food waste in February so far

So I guess I've learnt in this challenge that if I'm set a challenge I tend to skip the "do as your normally do" and try to get as far into it as possible.
Which ends up not getting the results you expected, in some ways.

Our first part of the challenge was to look at our food waste in a normal week. I kind of broke the rule a little by completely getting rid of all food in our fridge and our freezer that I knew would never get eaten, or that had been in there for a while and seemed pointless to keep hold of.
It obviously created a lot of food waste for that week. I ended up with a deep drawer in the freezer that was empty and half of another drawer. It helped to organise the freezer, to organise a drawer for vegetables, desserts, and fish fingers/chicken nuggets/chips/waffles.
We then had a drawer empty to fill with any leftovers we had throughout the following weeks.



Beachy Head

A few weekends ago I spent a night down in Eastbourne. Travelling down after work and staying in an apartment on the Saturday night, the Sunday was then a day to have a look around and explore the area.
After a morning walking along the Eastbourne beach we then went to Beachy Head.

I knew I'd heard of Beachy Head before, and I knew it wasn't for good reasons. So I didn't really want to Google it beforehand.
The image I had in my head of it wasn't a great one but as I had been told it was beautiful I thought I would give it the benefit of the doubt and go along.

Well. I couldn't have been more wrong.

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