About Me.

My name is Lauren, I’m married to Jonathan. We have a son called Charles who was born in June 2009. We are expecting baby number two in July this year! Eek!
We live in Suffolk with our cat Jasmine and rabbit (who we just seem to call “The Rabbit” after the vet questioned the sex!)
I am a housewife and full time mum. My husband runs his own business.

I struggled so much with the name of the blog, but eventually settled on the “Real Housewife” theme because of my obsession with Real Housewives of New Jersey and even better the Real Housewives of Orange County! Which I think in time deserve a blog post of their own!

It can be lonely being a housewife sometimes, with the lack of adult conversation, not that I am complaining. I wouldn’t change it for the world. But sometimes I do feel a pressure headache when things just need to be said or I feel like I need to talk about something in particular…..so figured a blog would be the perfect platform for just that!

I was also inspired by a blog I started reading and following last year. www.babygenie.co.uk.
There is no way I would ever be as good as Catherine but she is definitely my inspiration! And my first blog post is one I copied from a blog post of hers: http://babygenie.wordpress.com/2011/02/04/what-do-colours-mean-to-you-a-meme/

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