Catalogue Parties....marmite??

I am one of those people who you invite to a Body Shop at Home, Jamie at Home, Tupperware Party, Ann Summers Party, Handbag and Jewellery Party, who will, without fail, find any excuse to not turn up.
Like marmite, you either love them or hate them!

I hate them, and, I just don't "get" them. 

In my life, I have been to one Ann Summers party, and I hated it. Ok the games were fun-ish, and I'm most certainly not the type of person to take offence to sexual references etc but sitting faking orgasms and shouting swear words in front of people I'd only just met is not my idea of fun.....infact I'm not overally comfortable doing that infront of people I've known for years and years!
But it's not just that, I hate the pressure that is put on attendees of these parties. 
"You don't have to buy anything, just come and look at the brochure"
How does the above quote actually make sense? If I do not have to buy anything, or want to buy anything or indeed if I cannot afford to buy anything then why would I want to be tempted by a brochure? I know the kind of person I am, I would put in an order, after being told I can pay at a later date, and then panic about finding the £10 for an egg cup which I don't really need or want.

The only parties I feel I'd want to attend are the Body Shop ones, although if I wanted or needed something would simply visit the store, or a candle party-which would be very dangerous for my bank balance as I have an obsession with buying scented candles!

I can see that these parties are a good way of socialising. But, in most cases I only know the host, and don't really want to sit in their house and find my first conversation when meeting a new person will be "so how many vibrators do you have already?" 

I also feel very much that the person inviting me, whether or not this is the case, only wants me there to make the numbers up, especially as by doing so, means that their commission is bumped up and that their free gift is better because of the higher numbers. I also wish to add that the person who invites me to the majority of these parties never invites me round for just a cup of tea and a gossip, only when she has a party.

So, I leave this now needing to think up the next excuse for the upcoming party I have been invited to, or is it acceptable to just say "I can't buy anything sorry, so won't make it, but thank you for inviting me"??
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