Flashback Friday- Wells-wheres-the-sea

We decided to have as many days out as we could before I gave birth to Charles. I suffer bad with sciatica which does effect my walking after a while, and it caused me to have to stop working at 20 weeks when pregnant before, so a lot of time was spent in the house so I appreciated any chance to get out of the house and get some exercise.
Wells-next-the-sea is one of our favourite places along the North Norfolk coast. Amazing beach, yummy fish n chips and ice cream, and a lovely small working harbour.
There are also woods there that I had never been aware of until this day, we walked through the woods, after having a picnic as soon as we arrived, and eventually ended up on the beach.
We couldn't see the sea so said we'd walk until we could see it, I was feeling okish, and had a realise of energy but took breaks every now and then and walked slowly at parts.
We found though, after an hours walking, that we still couldn't see the sea, we'd never known of it to be out so far. Standing and turning a complete 360 degrees it was almost like being in a desert!...only without the beaming hot sun, instead drizzly typical English weather.
We'd walked this far and not reached the sea!
After another half an hour we decided to give up and walked towards the harbour, so we could eventually get to see the sea! We headed back through the woods, to the car, then up the long road to the Harbour, parked up and had some chips and curry sauce (would be rude not to) and headed home, vowing that next time we'd be back it'd be with our baby on the outside!

21/08/09 Charles' first trip to Wells.