Fun with a Cardboard box (or 12)

My neighbour and very good friend is moving, along with her husband, three year old son and one year old twin boys in the next couple of months (could be as soon as 4 weeks)
Tonight, via the amazing Blackberry Messenger (which we could not live without) we were discussing what fun could be had with the cardboard boxes after they had finished unpacking:
  1. A train. Line boxes up to make individual carriages.
  2. A car/s.
  3. A boat/s.
  4. House/s. 
  5. Robot costumes
  6. A slide. Flat cardboard box, leant against a sofa/coffee table {plenty of cushions around!) hey presto 
  7. A den. Build the boxes around the corner of a room and stick a BOYS ONLY, GIRLS SMELL [except for mummy] poster to the front. Hey presto for the second time! 
  8. A tv screen 
  9. A stage, depending on strength of boxes and weight of children! 
  10. A toy box/storage box. Decorate it by painting, using felt pens, d├ęcoupage using magazine images, drawings, wrapping paper or wallpaper/border samples or simply grab some funky wrapping paper and glue it all over the box!
Or simply.......just as a hiding place!!.......Peekaboo!!

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