Today we visited the "bubbles"

The weather was so nice today that I decided to get us out of the house as much as I could, to combat the constant Pakka/Vanny Man [postman pat] requests which are slowly turning into bigger and bigger tantrums, we had the worst "Pakka" related tantrum yesterday which resulted in a calm down session in his bedroom and then came downstairs and watched Fly Me To The Moon with only a tiny little winge for Pakka which was soon over with.
So this morning, after a winge about Pakka [again] and then a full on tantrum because I refused to give copius amounts of Gripe Water we headed out to Matalan. 30 minutes stuck in traffic we diverted through another part of town with clear roads and shopped. Matalan is normally a nightmare, not due to the shop, but Charles normally hates it, I can't see why. So, armed with his buggy and some biscuits we headed inside. Found some much needed trousers for him, and a shirt in the sale [and a quick browse at the sunglasses, my obsession as soon as the sun comes out!!] and we headed home.
Was surprised to find that as we pulled up on the driveway, and I switched the engine off, to not hear the words "oooooh goney!", Charles' normal reaction to the engine being turned off, so I turned round to see a snoring sleeping toddler. I took the opportunity to quickly clean out the paper, bottles and food packets after our weekend away whilst he remained asleep, sure that as soon as I moved him he would wake up. Thankfully, this wasn't the case, I unstrapped him, lifted him from his seat, walked into the house, up the stairs, into his bed, without him waking! Wow! Since we stopped breastfeeding in mid December naps are a rareity.
I took the opportunity to quickly put some washing out, which I would've done early in the morning had the weatherman not said it would be stormy rain today, grrrr. Had lunch with my husband and caught up on Twitter, Facebook and emails.
At 2.30 was greeted by crying and calls for mummy....a full hour and 45 minutes after he had been placed in his bed! He had lunch, watched Postman Pat and I decided we should go to the beach for a walk, helped by the fact that I found a pound coin in the car and immediately thought of 5 hot sugary doughnuts from the shack on the seafront!
So, we got our coats on [eventually], filled the car up with diesel, and headed for the beach. First port of call was to stop and see my mum who works right next to the beach in a dry cleaners. Then we walked to the beach, as soon as Charles saw the sea he shouted "BUBBLES", its hard to keep him from running straight into the sea! I had only planned a walk along the sea front but after seeing his excitement we headed for the sandy, and now stoney beach. With a constant need to pull him away from the sea our walk was shorter than I hoped.

Sadly as we walked past the doughnut shack they were just closing up, gutted!
Lovely drive home, naming all the animals we'd seen that day and discussing that when we get home, we will go into the garden and see the bunny and give him some dinner, juice [water] and a carrot.
We don't go out enough really, and I have made a vow to myself to make more effort when the weather is nicer. In the summer last year, after passing my driving test, we went to the beach almost everyday, the best thing about living near the coast!! With the new baby due in July I am set on having a lot of "Quality Charlie Time" where I can spoil him with attention and days out....and hopefully some hot sugary doughnuts.

He enjoyed himself really!!
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