Mumra Playlists Week 6

The theme for this weeks Playlist is Dream Time.
The songs we listen to [or listened to] whilst we drift off to dreamland.

I used to listen to Ricky Martin all the time. ALL the time.
Vuelve should probably be the song I use for this, as I would listen to it on repeat.

So, I've looked down the list of his album, Vuelve, and picked a song at random....number 12, No Importa La Distancia (Go The Distance) which was featured in Disneys Hercules!

Mmmmmm isn't he so pretty!!

Sorry if my playlist is a bit repetitive of Ricky Martin songs and Latin music but its what I love best :-)

Mumra Playlist

#thegallery Hair

When I chcked my inbox on Friday and saw Taras theme for this weeks Gallery I knew EXACTLY which image/s I would be using.

The theme: HAIR!

My photo also comes with some advice: When the time comes to take the sides off of the cotbed, make sure you check the room for anything your child can climb on to then be able to reach the top drawer on the Tall Boy, open it, and grab the tub of Sudocrem.

3 hair washes later it was still in there, not as much but still being very stubborn and our boy was left looking like a Silver Fox!



Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday


Woohoo! I won!

This is probably going to seem something very silly to post about but I am very excited.
I have entered a few competitions on other Mummy Blogs and so far not been very successful...until last week!
In one week I won 2 competitions!
The first was over at The Mummy Life. The prize....a Nuby Natural Touch Rhythm Dual Electric Breast Pump Kit!
I was over the moon when she had informed me that I had won via a Vlog.
Yesterday at 8am the doorbell went. It was hte postman with a big box! Yay! Of course Charles made it clear it was his job to open the box and see what was inside!

 and then of course the expected happened.....
Laura at The Mummy Life also made me smile by very kindly including some lovely clothes for our new baby in the package. Which was so kind of her and we are very grateful. Thank you so much Laura!!

The postman also delivered another package to us yesterday. Again Charles made it his job to open the box, and this time I had no right to tell him not to as the contents were aimed at him.
The other competition I had won was via Jessies Crazy Kitchen. A choice of three Goody Packs were available....Pack one: Newborn, Pack two: Toddler, Pack three: Safety. All three were suitable for us so I thought it would be silly of me not to enter.
At 3 o clock am during a "baby sitting comfortably on my bladder" toilet trip I noticed my phone flashing and a little "T" icon in the corner of the screen. I opened Twitter, checked my mentions and saw that I had indeed won the competition! Yay!
I had originally stated any of the packs would be suitable but after further thought and looking closely at the packs decided that the Toddler Pack would be the better option for us! (The snack trap was my main reason for wanting it if I am being honest!)

He didn't really "get" the Snack Trap at first and thought it was something that he had to hum into!
(Please excuse the dribbly top!)

We are very excited about our prizes! And will be sure to enter lots more competitions now on! Woohoo!


Finishing the Sentences: A Meme.

I always love checking my Inbox and seeing that there is a new blog post from Baby Genie. I discovered Katherines blog last year and became hooked.She was my main inspiration when deciding to start blogging.

Anyway, today I saw that she had been tagged in a Meme, and hadn't tagged anyone (purposefully). So I took it upon myself to "pretend" she had tagged me, after she had requested people join in so she didn't feel guilty for not tagging anyone :-D

So here goes, the challenge is to complete the following five sentences.

I am…. a mummy (which you should all know really....) and have never been happier. I feel so complete with one child that sometimes I question why we are having another.

The bravest thing I have ever done is…move away from home at 18, from Lowestoft to Bedford. No job, no money, no friends and no family. Just to move in with my fiance (now husband) Was a really scary and lonely time at first but it definitely made me stronger . Oh....and have a baby!!

I feel prettiest when… I've just had my hair cut, I wear make up and a dress/tunic.

Something that keeps me up at night is….my anxiety and the fact that my head, for some reason, decides to concentrate on something which is going to wind me up all night.

My favourite meal is…. Boxing Day dinner! Cold meats, cheese, pickles, crisps and warm baguettes. Bread and butter pudding.

The way to my heart is…. just to care about me and my life, my family etc and be interested in it all. 

I would like to be…. the best mummy possible to my sons and the best wife to my husband.

I also won't tag because I know how much some people hate it and how many other Memes there are going around. But please join in if you'd like! Its easy and quick to do :-)

#thegallery Education

I don’t think there is one person who can doubt or deny that education starts at home, long before preschool and “big” school is really thought about.

From new words, to being able to recognise an item, object or person and putting a name to it, to colours and numbers.

We are at the moment trying to teach Charles colours and numbers..
To do this I use everyday household items, such as pegs, sponges, flannels etc, as well as toys-cars, mega blocks and a balls.
We are also teaching him textures, soft, fluffy, hard, spikey. We've already mastered size-big and small and he's pretty much clued up on whats hot and whats cold.
3 Pegs. Blue, Yellow and Green
Bunny is soft and fluffy. Eats carrots and drinks water.

Four balls. Blue, Red, Yellow and Green.
He also learns a lot from In The Night Garden. He learnt to clap, learnt certain words, for example Stone. He knows what a stone is and also likes to count them. It has also taught him how to jump.
This is a selection of what we are teaching currently, we also count as we go up the stairs. We look at cars and count them and shout the colours.
I get great pleasure everyday knowing that I am teaching my son so much.



Things To Be Happy About

So yesterday I posted my intention for a Meme. Things to Be Happy About....did you read it?
It can be something silly, something serious, something random, something simple, something obvious or something totally “out there” that we may question your sanity, silly/funny words, funny situations.
The littlest things that make you smile, giggle or laugh your head off. Simple things in life.
No explanations are needed, infact it’ll be funnier to not explain somethings. No explanations are needed, infact it’ll be funnier to not explain somethings.
You can be as rude as you like too! Dirty minds are welcomed.
Your list can be as short or as long as you like, and can be edited: just be sure to let us know if you edit so we can see what other things make you happy.

My husband
My bump
Ricky Martin
Changing a nappy and expecting a poo in there and realising its just a wee!
Hot sausages and stilton in a fresh baguette, with a bit of salad cream
A positive pregnancy test after trying to get pregnant
Hot sugary donuts
Charles learning a new word
Toddler kisses
The sun
Being tweeted by a celebrity
A happy, giggly toddler
The smell of freshly cut grass
Sand between my toes
Postman Pat
Heston Blumenthal
Finding a dress that suits my shape
A good hair day
The chance to wash, dry and straighten my hair and not taking 3 days to reach each stage
Decent photos of yourself
A compliment
Charles wanting a "mummy cuggle"
Bread and Butter Pudding, with cream or ice cream
Fresh cream
Zoo's and Safari Parks
Ellie Goulding
Seeing monkeys breastfeeding
Hiccups from "bump"
Hearing babys heartbeat
A new Pandora charm
Cheesy Songs
Recieving a phonecall thats for us, and not for "Mrs Yvonne Gregory" (who is she??!!!!)
Popping a spot
Holly Willoughby
Achieving goals
An apology
Family (most of the time)
Feeling wanted
Feeling needed
Dime Bars
Peter Andre
ITV Dramas
Being spoilt
Being "treated"
Chips and curry sauce
Long family walks
Strawberry Cider
Editing photos
DSLR cameras.
The colour blue
Hot bubble baths
Decent moisturiser
Soft just-shaven legs
Freshly painted toe nails
Dark nail varnish
Homemade Frappacinos
My husbands Beef Stroganoff
Finding "the one" at a young age
Blog comments
The right to vote
My mum paying for my driving lessons and test
A full driving licence
Winning an Ebay auction
A car full of diesel
Strawberrys dipped in Nutella

Thats my list, and it could be so much longer! How about you? Give it a go and don't forget to come back and link up below.



14,000 Things To Be Happy About. A MeMe!

I know there is the linky/meme [someone needs to explain the difference in these to me please] “Reasons to Be Cheerful” but this is a bit different.

We took a trip to Wroxham Barns today and whilst looking around the gift shop I noticed the book 14,000 Things To Be Happy About. Couldn’t help but to open it and have a look. Instantly I giggled and stood there saying [to myself in my head] “true, true, so true”.
And I thought it’d be fun to make our own list and for people to add their own.
It can be something silly, something serious, something random, something simple, something obvious or something totally “out there” that we may question your sanity, silly/funny words, funny situations.
The littlest things that make you smile, giggle or laugh your head off. Simple things in life.
No explanations are needed, infact it’ll be funnier to not explain somethings. No explanations are needed, infact it’ll be funnier to not explain somethings.
You can be as rude as you like too! Dirty minds are welcomed.

A few I can remember from the book, and some examples to show you where to start and to take this:

A timid tiger.
new babies
a well-crafted chair
having a sense of your own space
a real person answering the phone
leaves snuggled around the foundations of old country houses
staying home on New Year’s Eve

I’m going to start my list tonight. You can re-edit your post at any time but be sure to inform us so we can go back and view the new items on your list too.

The linky will open tomorrow and remain open for you to add at any point, but feel free to start your list as soon as you’d like, if you’d like to join in.

Please Title your list as "Things to be Happy About"

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday


So Lucky.

I walked into Charles' room tonight just to check he was ok and not half hanging out of his bed or without covers which he always kicks off. He looked very snug and in a deep sleep, but must've heard a floorboard creek as I was about to leave the room, I heard him stir, turned round and saw him turning over and then sitting up, he was 75% still asleep.
"Biskey! Biskey!"
I sat next to him and tried to get him back to sleep.
"Biskey, biskey"
"Do you want a biscuit?"
He nodded, he normally wakes up and asks for milk, he's obsessed with the stuff. Never for a biscuit. I took him downstairs, not something I would usually down but saved hassle of having to call my husband, tell him where the secret biscuit stash was and get him to pour a bottle of milk.

I headed for the biscuit cupboard, grabbed an almost empty pack and went to hand one to Charles, who was cuddling up to Daddy.
"No" He shoke his head.
So I handed him milk instead, and put the biscuit away. I can only assume he was dreaming about biscuits which made him ask for one.

I sat down on the other sofa letting the boys have a cuddle, looking at the netbook catching up on the Twitter feed I knew what was on telly, but wasn't paying attention at this point.
"Oh no, oh dear"
I looked over to Charles, and notice that he is paying attention to what is on tv. Comic Relief. He is watching the clip focusing on malnurished babies and toddlers.
My husband told him to look away, and held his hands over his eyes. I told him not to worry, because Charles didn't understand.
But then it hit me that he obviously does understand to an extent. If he didn't then why did he say "oh no, oh dear" There was no other reason.

We are very careful over what he watches, nothing with fighting, nothing with swearing, but we have let him watch the news reports on Japan. I have distracted him when news of Libya comes on, and did the same when Egypt and Tunisia were fighting.

He then asked for a mummy cuddle, and my husband brought him over, he laid down in my arms, with his milk and closed his eyes. Not fully asleep, he was awake enough to carry on drinking his milk [think dream feed almost]
I looked at him, and then looked at the tv screen. And couldn't help but think.

I am so lucky that I can provide everything my son needs to grow and be healthy and to be nurished. I don't have to worry about feeding him, or getting him milk. Anything he needs is in the kitchen cupboards, or in the fridge, and at one point, was in my breasts! If any of these things aren't in my house, I have a car I can jump into, I can drive to the nearest shop or the nearest Supermarket and pick up whatever he needs, bring it back and he will be satisfied.

Charles is so lucky that he has two healthy parents. Who are able to provide for him. He has a warm house, clothes, 24/7 access to water and food and drink.Anything he wants he can have (to an extent) Money is no object.

I squeezed him tight, and asked my husband to take him back to bed, he woke slightly and asked for a "mummy cuggle", we kissed goodnight and then within seconds he was tucked up warm in bed again, as I continued to watch the deeply upsetting clips from Africa where the babies and children are nowhere near as lucky as him, and the parents are nowhere near as lucky for us.

On a slightly aside note, I also couldn't help, for a second, to realise and feel a huge sense of pride that at 21 months my son can recognise when someone needs help and when something/someone isn't the same as him, without being promoted. He could tell by just looking at these children that something was wrong.
He wouldn't have understood what Jack Dee (celebrity covering this particular clip) was telling us and explaining to us, so this proves how strong these images are.

Tonight I was able to offer him a biscuit, even though it was rejected, and it meant nothing, I just put it back in the packet and placed it back in the cupboard to be enjoyed another day.
I was able to fill his bottle up with milk for him to enjoy, knowing that if he didn't want it that it didn't matter, I could just stick it in the fridge for later.
The people in this clip don't get these benefits. Every single crumb of food and every drop of liquid is so precious.

We are lucky. So lucky.


Mumra Playlists Week Five

This weeks theme for Mumra Playlists is Breakin; Shapes.

The songs we can't help but to dance to!

I can't pick one, I am going to pick three.

Cha Cha Slide.....Dj Caspet. Who can resist this huge wedge of stinking cheese! Easy moves to copy,
Wiley....Wearing my Rolex
The DJ played this twice at my dads wedding 3 years ago, I'm pretty sure I begged and begged to keep playing it hense why it was played twice and I know for sure I told everyone to get off the dance floor both times because it was "my song". Oops, I may have had a LOT to drink.....I needed to.

She Bangs....Ricky Martin...no explanation needed. The man is a god, this song is amazing, every song of his is amazing.


Mumras Playlists Week Four

I'm very late at joining in Week Four of Mumras Playlists. But better late than never.
This weeks theme is Guilty Pleasures. I've thought long an hard about which song to choose for this, I've already confessed a love for Steps and Hanson. Obsession over Ricky Martin and Peter Andre. Special feelings for all Pat Benetar songs. So which song do I choose as a Guilty Pleasure?
At the moment all I play on my hifi unit and cd player is Ellie Goulding, baths and housework chores are mostly done whilst listening to her album. But I wouldn't say this was a guilty pleasure.

So, my decision.
Latin Music!
Yes my Guilty Pleasure, when I get the chance, and as soon as the sun comes out, is Latin Music. Ok so I'm cheating a bit as the Ricky Martin influence comes in here, a lot of my favourite Latin Songs are the ones featured on his Spanish/Spanglish albums.
The album., Latin Fever is my particular favourite.
Track 14 on CD 1 is a particular favourite. I was introduced to it at Salsa lessons when I went with my mum over 10 years ago now!
When I then realised it was on this CD, just through chance after buying this album and playing it at home, I was over the moon.
I had it played at my wedding reception to surprise my mum and it got EVERYONE on the dance floor.
Please excuse the amount of bottom on show in this video!!


I hate socks.

My bedroom is an absolute state at the moment. Clothes everywhere and unorganised. This is many due to lack of storage and the storage that we do have is shockingly poor.

Most items of clothing now have their own drawers, tshirts, pjs, my underwear, hubbys underwear. The only things that don't have their own drawers are socks.


They never stay in pairs, my husband decides to wear mine and a lot of time won't even try and find a pair.
I tried to get him to put them in a pair as he takes them off, so they can go straight into the machine as a pair. But no, couldn't be done.
I swear you can go into any room in my house and be sure to find a sock, just one single sock, somewhere, but only the one.

Last year I got so fed up that I made around 10 pairs of socks for each of us, and threw out the rest, yet slowly we seem to have been hit with a huge sock pile, all single ones, no pairs.
What's going on?

We can't be the only household invaded by socks?

#thegallery Trees

Tara at Sticky Fingers has confessed to a love of trees and chosen them as this weeks topic for The Gallery.

To indulge me and my obsession, this week's theme is: Trees.
Simple as that. Trees near your home, from a holiday, new trees, ancient trees. Trees you used to climb as a child, trees you picnic under. Trees.
I looked through my photo albums on Flickr, the one I've had the most views and comments on is lost in the depth of 1000's of photos but then I came across this one which I took two months ago (and completely forgot about)
This is what I wrote about the photo at the time:

(9.1.11) We went for a walk to local woods today. Hubbys chest is poorly so thought fresh air would do him good and thought the toddler would love the freedom!
The woods are beautiful. We [my mum, my brother and I] used to take our dog there 10 years ago and when I met my husband we had a lovely picnic in the middle of the woods.
We were hoping to go deeper into the woods to find the river but Charles got tired all of a sudden so we headed back to the car.
We are hoping for lots of trips to the woods in the summer when the new baby arrives for some days out.

This is one I took when we went to Jimmys Farm last year. I love capturing the sun smashing through the leaves.
Have you joined in The Gallery this week?


Three by Nine Meme

I have been tagged by Him, Me and Three in this Three By Nine MeMe.

All you have to do is answer the nine questions below and then tag three of your fellow bloggers. That way we can all learn a little something new about each other, Here we go!

Three names I go by: Mummy, Weasel, Lauren
Three places I’ve lived: Lowestoft, Wyboston, St Neots
Three places I’ve worked: Budgens, Boots and Superdrug
Three things I love to watch: Charles playing, Charles sleeping, Charles eating.
Three places I have been and love: Sorrento, Pompeii, Tenerife
Three people that email me regularly: Spammers, Spammers and Spammers
Three things I love to eat: Sweets, Crisps, Bread
Three people I think will respond: Not sure as I'm not tagging so cheating at this really.
Three things I am looking forward to: My sons second birthday....eek! My second childs birth! Getting the bedroom furniture for Charles big boy room!
I am now supposed to tag three people but there are so many memes around that I think everyone is busy! So.....if you'd like to join in please do. If not, then fair enough :-)


#flashback friday. Had I mentioned.....

A day late coming to #flashbackfriday. My stupid internet failed on me as I was about to post last night and has only just reconnected. So this was the post written yesterday.

Had I mentioned I'm pregnant? Sorry to keep going on about it, but it is the main thing in my life at the moment, other than Charles of course!
Its safe to say that I well and truely have a bump now. I've started my bump photo archive and have been looking back at the photos from two years ago when I was pregnant with Charles.


Be Grateful of Where You Live.

With all that’s going on in the news at the moment I find myself everyday being grateful for where I live.
I’ve never really been the type to bitch about living in England. Ok, the weather isn’t perfect all the time, sometimes we have horrid summers, we might not agree on how the country is run, where government money  and our tax money goes, how much benefit those who can’t be bothered to work get etc. But it could be SO much worse.

I start by looking at things that have been happening in Tunisia, Egypt and now Libya, with Libya being the worst of the three.
Are we really that unhappy with our government that we would want to protest and fight each other to get them out?
Some of us want Labour, some want Conservative, some want Liberal Democrats etc. We live in a country where we vote for who gets in, we’ve voted, and our choice has been made. To then want to over-through a choice that we as a nation have made would be ridiculous. We will never ALL be happy with who is running the country. Never.
And looking at how the leaders of some other countries, such as Cornol Gaddafi, treat their people, we should be so grateful that we don’t have leaders like him. David Cameron wouldn’t choose to shoot at us and send planes in if we all protested. Look at the student protests last year, some were given blankets and water. In other countries there is absolutely no way that students would have been allowed to protest the way ours did.

Then looking at the natural disasters that we see taking place almost on a daily basis currently.
Floods, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes and Tsunamis. And we moan over a tiny bit of rain and cold weather.
Thousands and thousands of people have lost their lives in Japan the last couple of days, and who knows how many more will also. Homes and workplaces ruined, as well as lives. I can’t begin to imagine where or how you start to rebuild your life after such devastation. How do you go back to normal day to day life without constantly thinking “Is it going to happen again?”
I think a lot of people have some idea that living in Australia would be ideal, hot weather, surfing, barbeques, etc. Yet you see the devastation caused by the recent flooding and hurricane and realise that actually, it is no more perfect than England at all.
Ok we have our fair share of horrid weather and floods, and the snow caused havoc but I believe, with regards to the snow, that as a country we just panic rather than dealing with it. I understand that councils were stingy with salt, I think in the whole of the winter at the end of last year/beginning of this year I saw the Salt lorry once. We live near a busy road (which we can see from our bedroom window) and that road needed Salt, yet it was laid once.
We live on a close though, thankfully isn’t too busy but we had thick snow, yet it was easier to drive in the thick snow than to glide along on the horrid ice which was forming on the busier roads which hadn’t been covered in Salt.
As a close I think if we did have any problems with getting cars in and out of the close, I for one, and I think the people who live opposite, would’ve got a shovel and a broom and swept away what we could to make it easier. As a country we need to work as a community more, get to know our neighbours, help our neighbours, and not to expect others to do things for us.

Back to the point at hand, and one last thing really. Next time you look out of your window and see that it is raining, don’t complain about the English weather. Be grateful that it is “just” rain tapping at your window and not a Tsunami crashing down your beautiful home. Next time its so windy that you can’t even put an umbrella up or so windy that it breaks your umbrella and that the wind “just” blows down a fence panel in your back garden, be grateful that you aren’t having to hide in your house from a hurricane, or having to drive to another town where you have nowhere to stay and have to sleep in a sports hall or community centre, where instead you can shelter from the wind in your lovely warm house. Where fence panels are just knocked down from a gust of wind, and its not the walls or ceiling from your house being knocked down from a massive earthquake.

Things could be worse. They really could.


#thegallery. One Word: Family.

Really loving The Gallery:
So this week's theme is: One Word.
Any word you like: Up, spring, sunrise, snotty, peaceful, scream, fast, digital, lazy, sleepy, cake.
So my [predictable] word is Family.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter @laurenhousewife and follow my blog may have seen that my brother is visiting this week. He moved to Bristol last year and is staying at my mums for a week.
We went out for the day on Monday to Thrigby Hall, [some photos here if anyone is interested] so had a lovely family day, what with him being back, spending quality time at weekends with my husband and Charles, and expecting our second baby FAMILY is a huge part of my life right now. And always will be, and really always has been.

My photo: I'm going for me [plus bump] and my brother, with a cheeky Charles at the bottom [look at his face! Really makes me giggle!]


10 Things I Like by Charles

I saw this here originally http://waterbirthplease.wordpress.com/2011/03/06/10-things-i-like/ and couldn't resist but to add my own list, written by Charles of course.

10 Things I Like. By Charles.

1: I like to make out that I am really hungry, then either have a mini paddy when you hand me food or just take a bite out of what you have made me and then ask for a cuggle instead.

2: As above, I like to ask for cuggles when actually I have no intention of giving or receiving a cuggle. Instead I just want to get out of my high chair/avoid nappy change/avoid bedtime etc.

3: Making you run after me to put my coat on. Yes I do want to go out in the car or for a walk, but its much more fun when you chase me before we go.

4: Taking my trousers off. I don’t really see why I have to wear them. A body suit and tshirt is enough. And I am also liking the idea of no nappy at the moment, so will rip that off too….even when I have done a poo that you don’t know about.

5: Weeing on the wooden floor, it makes a lovely puddle for me to splash in and hit with my hand so it goes further.

6:  Again, as above, I also like weeing on the floor, and now shaking my juice or milk on the floor so I can make a puddle so I can do “clean clean” with a towel.

7: Pulling mummys necklace. I’ll be gutted one day when it breaks but for now I’ll keep doing it.

8: Following the cat around. I only want a “Minnie cuggle” and can’t accept that she doesn’t want a cuggle from me!

9: Saying my own name, now I can. “Char-geeee”

10: Snogging mummy, proper wet slobbery kisses are the best, as is licking mummys face. Which I like a lot now too.

Mini zoo photo blog. Family Edition.

A day out at Thrigby Wildlife Gardens with Charles, my mum and my twin brother.


Mumra Playlist. Week Three. Pre baby memories.

Week three theme for Mumra Playlist is Pre baby memories
Step away from the laundry, leave the toy box overflowing, dare I suggest logging out of Twitter? ( Ok, perhaps just minimize the page! ) and get hunting for your song for this weeks theme.
I have chosen this song because I used to listen to it on repeat, as well as the album it comes from too.

I love this song and it used to drive my husband mad! I Sky Plussed it so I could listen to it all the time. Although this song did drive my husband mad just due to me overplaying it he will admit that Timbaland is the only hip hop-rnb-rapper that he will listen to and agrees with me that Timbaland can do no wrong.

We even named "my" first car after him. It was a little black Fiat.....we sold it last year to then buy my Mummy Wagon but still refer to the Fiat as Timbaland.
I can't really listen to the album anymore due to the naughty words and having a toddler who seems to pick up on a lot! He is yet to say his first swear word though thankfully!


I have been looking forward to today for a couple of months. Last year my brother moved to Bristol. It was kind of out of the blue and part of me thought he wouldn't go, but he did.
He came back in August for a few days and then went back and we hadn't seen him since then .But today he came "home" and is here for a week!!
I was itching to see him, he told me he'd be home mid afternoon. So, I got the majority of my housework done this morning, got myself ready, Charles ready and then we headed off out. I had to stop off somewhere else first and once I got back into the car I sent my brother a BBM and asked if he was here yet. He told me "soon" so I said I'd head to mums and meet him there. He then told me he was at my mums and I wasn't go to there just yet but could go there soon.

I didn't want to go home so I drove around for a bit, but after a while I became very impatient. 3.45 quickly turned into 4.45, Charles had fallen asleep and I knew that he would soon be waking wanting some dinner so I headed home. Sods law: as soon as I was almost home I got a message saying I could go round now. But I got stuck in traffic, someone pulled out in front of me at a roundabout and then stopped right infront of me so I had to get home to calm down.
Half an hour later we headed to my mums. I was sure my brother must've had a tattoo done of my sons name and that was the reason we were told to stay away.
We turned up, I went to unlock the car but it wouldn't unlock! My car always seems to have problems with the central locking in this area, I got back in the car (my door opened but I couldn't unlock the others) and tried to lock and unlock. Then, the doors locked, and I couldn't unlock them at all, I couldn't even open the door from inside! I put the key in the ignition and.....the alarm went off! Eeeeek!
5 minutes passed with the alarm stopping, then starting again and eventually we got out, but I think Charles had been left a tiny bit shaken.
I stepped out of the car and my brother was there, I felt strangely shy. He gave me a huge squeezy hug.
Charles seemed to recognise him, which wasn't surprising as he see's his photos a lot around the house.

We went inside, Charles seemed immediately comfortable which was fantastic. It felt so lovely to just be in a room with my brother and see him again.
He showed me a pair of sunglasses he now owns [he works in a top sunglasses shop so has a lot of pairs at the moment] which I commented looked like 3D glasses. He then got out another pair, these ones were his aviators, he told me to try them on, knowing how much I love aviators. I tried them on, he asked if I liked them, I said yes, he said "good, they are yours!" I looked at the glasses, Raybans! I own a pair of Raybans! He told me the cost, showed me the leather case he'd got me too and the cleaning kit and asked me to please take care of them. He also has the exact same pair....yep we twins with matching sunglasses!!
I cried and my mum then told him to tell my the reason why he had bought the glasses for me. His reply will stay with me forever
"Because I'm proud of you"
I was so happy and couldn't believe he'd told me that. I'm just a mummy.

He then left the room, and came back, pushing something. And he told us that he had bought something for Charles.
There in front of him was a Little Tykes Police Car! Wow!! I had no idea! This was the reason he didn't want us to go to mums earlier. He was so busy putting the car together.
We had an hour and a half of fun playing with the car, Charles was showing off in front of his Uncle and even had a little playfight.

It was a fantastic two hours altogether and we had to rip Charles away from his car.

I am now itching for there to be sunny weather so I can wear my Raybans. We are off out to a zoo on Monday and I simply cannot wait to see him again, and especially to see him and Charles together.
The journey home with Charles was lovely, we were talking about things he had just done with "Uncle Man" and every now and then would just start laughing.

I love my family.

ShowOff Showcase

Mumra Playlist: Week Two. Your theme tune.

Its taken me almost a week to think of "my theme tune" for Mumra Playlist.
I ummed and ahhed at songs such as "Everything I do, I do it for you" blah blah blah

But I think I have finally settled on my song.
Its not lovely and the story behind it is a bit sucky really! But it basically sums up the relationship I've had with my dad for 10 years!
Until recently I tried so hard to keep our relationship together, as someone described it "its like you keep running back to an ex-boyfriend who doesn't want you"
Its not like my dad ever rejected me, he left US, yes he cheated on my mum but he left US [us being me, my mum and my  brother] 10 years ago and I suffered depression badly [which comes back every now and then], and have had trust issues ever since. He broke my heart. I also suffer from panic attacks and severe anxiety too....the anxiety did get worse after I gave birth to Charles in 2009 but its something I deal with.

The words in this song I also associate with my relationship with depression and anxiety. I WON'T be beaten!!

Although not all of the words obviously apply with my reason for choosing I have highlighted the ones which I think do.

Well you’re the real tough cookie with the long history
Of breaking little hearts, like the one in me
That’s o.k., lets see how you do it
Put up your dukes, lets get down to it!
Hit me with your best shot!
Why don’t you hit me with your best shot!
Hit me with your best shot!
Fire away!

You come on with a come on, you don’t fight fair
But that’s o.k., see if I care!
Knock me down, it’s all in vain
I’ll get right back on my feet again!

Hit me with your best shot!
Why don’t you hit me with your best shot!
Hit me with your best shot!
Fire away!

Well you’re the real tough cookie with the long history
Of breaking little hearts, like the one in me
Before I put another notch in my lipstick case
You better make sure you put me in my place

Hit me with your best shot!
Come on, hit me with your best shot!
Hit me with your best shot!
Fire away!

Hit me with your best shot!
Why don’t you hit me with your best shot!
Hit me with your best shot!
Fire away!



#thegallery Simple Pleasures.

Second time getting involved with The Gallery.

"This week's theme is: Simple Pleasures.
What are yours? Walking, cuddling up on the sofa, time alone, gardening, curled up with a good book, walking the dog?"

Taken on my Blackberry so not the best quality. I love it so much when we have moments like this. This isn't a cuddle, its a snuggle. Or as Charles calls it "a cuggle cuggle". There's a lot more contact with a "cuggle cuggle" than just a "cuggle" and they last longer.
He also tends to put all of his weight onto you during a "cuggle cuggle", he's very light so its not uncomfortable.

Not much more to say really. Simple and pleasureable :-)
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