#flashbackfriday Me and my winning twin

This week for Flashback Friday I couldn't resist but to use photos of me and my twin brother as babies.
Obviously I have no memories of this day, I was far too little, but I love it and it has a great little story that goes with it.

My mum and dad didn't have loads of money when they got together. They bought a house, had just got engaged and found out my mum was pregnant.....and then found out that they were expecting twins!
My mum is an amazing seamstress and made the majority of our clothes, others were hand me downs from friends.
This day, in 1986, they'd found out there was a photo shoot down the road from them, there also happened to be a competition and the prize was a copy of the best photo!

So my mum took us down there, dressed casual, with other babies and children dressed in posh dresses, suits, shirts etc, so we did stand out a bit.
My brother just sat there smiling and I kept waving, the other babies and children were posing properly, encouraged by parents all wanting to win the competiton. My mum just wanted to have some photos of us, and didn't think about winning the competition.

BUT.....WE WON!!! :-D
My mum was so pleased and still, 25 years on, is so proud of it/us. As are we xxxx