#flashbackfriday SCREEEEEEEAM!!

My entry for Flashback Friday today is from 2008.
My nanny and aunty were visiting from Weston Super Mare, I had to work that week so we spent evenings out where we could. I was able to finish work early one day, Assistant Manager, had to take in the delivery at 5am on the Wednesday so got to finish early, so me, my mum and my aunty headed over to Great Yarmouth and to the Pleasure Beach.
The following is taken from the Pleasure Beach website:
The Roller Coaster is undoubtedly the star attraction at the Pleasure Beach having been in place since 1933 !! The ride actually dates back even further to 1928 when it was manufactured, but was operational in France before coming to Great Yarmouth. The traditional coaster made from wood has a single pull-up, once the train has left the top it then travels under gravity the whole journey until it arrives back at the station. A maximum of 3 trains can be used on the track at one time on busy days, with 30 people riding in each train. At the rear of the first carriage on each train a seated operator controls the brakes, unusually there are no brakes fitted to the track at all.
For some reason, they have stuck the camera on one of the slopes which is quite tame, but we thought we'd have a laugh for the photo and make it seem as if it is a really harsh drop.
Once we got off the Roller Coaster and looked at the photo we almost wet ourselves, other people had noticed the photo and were laughing at us too.

I failed to mention that one year, me and my brother got stuck on this Roller Coaster. Due to it being wooden it shouldn't run when its raining, except they stupidly let it run. The wood swelled and the train got stuck. Thankfully they got it running again but I had a panic attack and now really have to get myself hyped up to go on there. I'm afraid of heights so any Roller Coaster is a challenge for me!

A slightly tamer photo from the same day:

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