I hate socks.

My bedroom is an absolute state at the moment. Clothes everywhere and unorganised. This is many due to lack of storage and the storage that we do have is shockingly poor.

Most items of clothing now have their own drawers, tshirts, pjs, my underwear, hubbys underwear. The only things that don't have their own drawers are socks.


They never stay in pairs, my husband decides to wear mine and a lot of time won't even try and find a pair.
I tried to get him to put them in a pair as he takes them off, so they can go straight into the machine as a pair. But no, couldn't be done.
I swear you can go into any room in my house and be sure to find a sock, just one single sock, somewhere, but only the one.

Last year I got so fed up that I made around 10 pairs of socks for each of us, and threw out the rest, yet slowly we seem to have been hit with a huge sock pile, all single ones, no pairs.
What's going on?

We can't be the only household invaded by socks?
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