Mumra Playlists Week Five

This weeks theme for Mumra Playlists is Breakin; Shapes.

The songs we can't help but to dance to!

I can't pick one, I am going to pick three.

Cha Cha Slide.....Dj Caspet. Who can resist this huge wedge of stinking cheese! Easy moves to copy,
Wiley....Wearing my Rolex
The DJ played this twice at my dads wedding 3 years ago, I'm pretty sure I begged and begged to keep playing it hense why it was played twice and I know for sure I told everyone to get off the dance floor both times because it was "my song". Oops, I may have had a LOT to drink.....I needed to.

She Bangs....Ricky Martin...no explanation needed. The man is a god, this song is amazing, every song of his is amazing.
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