Mumras Playlists Week Four

I'm very late at joining in Week Four of Mumras Playlists. But better late than never.
This weeks theme is Guilty Pleasures. I've thought long an hard about which song to choose for this, I've already confessed a love for Steps and Hanson. Obsession over Ricky Martin and Peter Andre. Special feelings for all Pat Benetar songs. So which song do I choose as a Guilty Pleasure?
At the moment all I play on my hifi unit and cd player is Ellie Goulding, baths and housework chores are mostly done whilst listening to her album. But I wouldn't say this was a guilty pleasure.

So, my decision.
Latin Music!
Yes my Guilty Pleasure, when I get the chance, and as soon as the sun comes out, is Latin Music. Ok so I'm cheating a bit as the Ricky Martin influence comes in here, a lot of my favourite Latin Songs are the ones featured on his Spanish/Spanglish albums.
The album., Latin Fever is my particular favourite.
Track 14 on CD 1 is a particular favourite. I was introduced to it at Salsa lessons when I went with my mum over 10 years ago now!
When I then realised it was on this CD, just through chance after buying this album and playing it at home, I was over the moon.
I had it played at my wedding reception to surprise my mum and it got EVERYONE on the dance floor.
Please excuse the amount of bottom on show in this video!!
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