Things To Be Happy About

So yesterday I posted my intention for a Meme. Things to Be Happy About....did you read it?
It can be something silly, something serious, something random, something simple, something obvious or something totally “out there” that we may question your sanity, silly/funny words, funny situations.
The littlest things that make you smile, giggle or laugh your head off. Simple things in life.
No explanations are needed, infact it’ll be funnier to not explain somethings. No explanations are needed, infact it’ll be funnier to not explain somethings.
You can be as rude as you like too! Dirty minds are welcomed.
Your list can be as short or as long as you like, and can be edited: just be sure to let us know if you edit so we can see what other things make you happy.

My husband
My bump
Ricky Martin
Changing a nappy and expecting a poo in there and realising its just a wee!
Hot sausages and stilton in a fresh baguette, with a bit of salad cream
A positive pregnancy test after trying to get pregnant
Hot sugary donuts
Charles learning a new word
Toddler kisses
The sun
Being tweeted by a celebrity
A happy, giggly toddler
The smell of freshly cut grass
Sand between my toes
Postman Pat
Heston Blumenthal
Finding a dress that suits my shape
A good hair day
The chance to wash, dry and straighten my hair and not taking 3 days to reach each stage
Decent photos of yourself
A compliment
Charles wanting a "mummy cuggle"
Bread and Butter Pudding, with cream or ice cream
Fresh cream
Zoo's and Safari Parks
Ellie Goulding
Seeing monkeys breastfeeding
Hiccups from "bump"
Hearing babys heartbeat
A new Pandora charm
Cheesy Songs
Recieving a phonecall thats for us, and not for "Mrs Yvonne Gregory" (who is she??!!!!)
Popping a spot
Holly Willoughby
Achieving goals
An apology
Family (most of the time)
Feeling wanted
Feeling needed
Dime Bars
Peter Andre
ITV Dramas
Being spoilt
Being "treated"
Chips and curry sauce
Long family walks
Strawberry Cider
Editing photos
DSLR cameras.
The colour blue
Hot bubble baths
Decent moisturiser
Soft just-shaven legs
Freshly painted toe nails
Dark nail varnish
Homemade Frappacinos
My husbands Beef Stroganoff
Finding "the one" at a young age
Blog comments
The right to vote
My mum paying for my driving lessons and test
A full driving licence
Winning an Ebay auction
A car full of diesel
Strawberrys dipped in Nutella

Thats my list, and it could be so much longer! How about you? Give it a go and don't forget to come back and link up below.

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