Reasons to be Cheerful {1}

When I first got "into" blogging properly one of the first linkys I discovered was Reasons to Be Cheerful. Michelle describes the idea perfectly and this really sold it to me:
I know that I am completely blessed in my life and that ultimately I am a lucky lady. So I feel that in 2011 I have to remind myself of this on a regular basis. Also, when I feel thankful I tend to find it is a tonic for my soul and the positivity just oozes (great word) out of me. Result! The best medicine for a negative day is to remind yourself of what you are grateful for.
Since suffering from depression at 15 years old, one of my coping strategies is to think of all in my life that is positive, if anything bad happens I try to think of the positive side or A positive side, which is sometimes very hard but it really works at helping me cope.

With recent events I feel there is one person I need to focus my post about.
*My Mum*

I hope not to sound shallow or to sound like a 14 year old who recieves pocket money from her parents still.

1: Basically my mum is the reason I am able to be so independent now. Last year she paid for my driving lessons and my driving test (I didn't need to many as I had my own car and had been driving assisted by her or my husband for 2 years anyway and had previously taken lessons anyway) which I passed first time.
If it wasn't for her doing that then I would still be driving with L plates on the front and back of the car!

2: When we went to Lanzarote (as well as other holidays) she has popped over to our house, which is the other side of the town to her house, to look after our cat, Jasmine and now my rabbit, Bunny. I don't even have to ask her to do it, she just does. She doesn't have a car, just a moped, which means that at times she's had to come over when the weather hasn't been amazing.
She does so much for us. She constantly asks me to take round washing and ironing for her. She never complains about doing any of it. 
Also, and this is the best bit, she is the only nanny I know who doesn't complain about changing their grandchilds nappy. If Charles needs his nappy changed she will do it, I don't even have to ask her. If I go to do it she tells me to stop and that she will do it. Other [friends] nannies seem to complain about this and refuse to do it.

3: My camera has just decided to die on me, as a SAHM/Housewife I have £0 to spend on a new camera. I was so upset because it would take me a couple of months to be able to get that money together, time which I don't really have with a new baby due in that couple of months! 
Yet now I am the owner of a lovely new camera. My mum happily handed over the money for me to go and buy myself a camera. I didn't feel I could go to my husband and say "give me the money to buy a new camera" when we have a lot of outgoings this next two months with the baby coming. Not that I felt overally comfortable going to my mum and asking for a loan.
I don't think she realises just how happy I am and how much calmer I feel. It may sound silly but I was sure that the baby would come and I'd have no suitable camera, although I have my DSLR I didn't particularly want to carry that as well as a bag for me and the baby and whatever other "luggage" I may have!

So there we go. My first post for "Reasons to be Cheerful".
Definitely something I'll be doing again. I feel a great sense of pride that I've been able to share with you all the wonderful lady who I call my mum :-)

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Do you review?

I'm not talking about the "blogger" reviews where these lovely companies send us free items to then test and review about. [if anyone wants to send me something to review, please feel free ;-)]
What I'm talking about is the reviews on items you have purchased, holidays you've been on etc.

With our recent experince with the hotel in Lanzarote I have felt a bit funny about trusting reviews. Normally I would look at reviews and make my own mind up, ie, assess if someone is just being picky and making a fuss over nothing or if these are real issues people are bringing to others attention. In the case of the first Lanzarote hotel, well, we didn't have a choice to follow reviews as we booked the holiday last minute. Had we of read the reviews we may have booked elsewhere:
"Be aware get a safe.
6 break ins in 2 weeks. When we arrived Thomas Cook informed us it had all been sorted, do not belief this they will tell you anything, get a safe and put any thing of value in it at all times. They get in through the bedroom windows.
"My partner and I took our two children (4 & 1 yrs old) for a week, after reading the reviews before we left I was worried!
I can see what alot of other people on here are saying about its a 3* so expect a 3* and thats a fair enough comment. However, it should'nt matter what star you are in the place should still be clean!
We checked in and everybody was very friendly making a great impression, I thought everything will be fine. Then we got to our room! There were someone elses hair and pubes everywhere and the place looked like it had not been cleaned at all!
We informed reception and they sent a cleaner who 'cleaned' the room again,it did not really help matters as they just moved the hair around the room and were using dirty water to mop the floor. In the end we brought some cleaning agents and did the room ourselves!!! The cleaners came in again after this when we were out and undid all our hard work again covering the floors with the other guests hair. We then asked them not to clean the room just to put fresh towels in and change bed sheets, it was then we were informed that they do not change bedsheets for duration of stay just towels they only make the bed!! Beds themselves were fine, your not going to have one bed that suits all so not sure how people can complain about horrible beds and hard pillows??
All other guests we spoke to had similar problem, this really let the place down. Swimming pool is frezzing none of us went in its so funny to see lots of people lounging round a pool with no one in it, one child went in and was purple when she came out! So we spent our time on the beach which is far nicer I think.
The hotel is not ideal for families with young children and as most children have snacks such as fruit, crisps and ice creams etc whilst on holiday this was not the case at the resort. Snacks only consisted of hot meals with ice cream served ocassionally which is not good to give kids in hot weather as they dont want it!
Apart from that it was a ok place, food was nice always plenty of variety at meal times and you could get your drinks whenever you wanted one. Dont go expecting a wide range of different wines and beer there is only one type of beer which is ok and one type of red/white wine which tastes like vinegar. Waiters are all lovely happy to help and work so hard!
It is a three star so dont expect the ritz but you do have the right to expect a clean room! I wont be returning personally as I like cleanliness something which we did'nt experience!
At the same time, there are reviews saying that this hotel is amazing, "best holiday ever" being a phrase used quite a lot. Whilst we were at the hotel we spoke to three other couples who were disappointed with the hotel, but weren't going to complain [which I didn't understand!] and I'm sure these are the people who will come home, accept the holiday is over and not share their experience with anyone other than some friends and family.
We came back and instantly my husband left his negative review...what we haven't done though...is leave our postitive review on the second hotel
The problem when we checked reviews with the hotel was that people had left negative reviews, and not enough positive ones. Which seems silly when this hotel was amazing. 

If it wasn't for one review in particular, left by an honest person, we would've been on a flight home rather than enjoying a week in the sun. This person listed 10 points, all previously addressed by other reviewers, and gave their opinion on these matters. [I wanted to quote the review but can't find it now :-(]
This persons review made me want to come home and leave honest reviews for both hotels....I MUST do this!.....and encourage you all to do the same. You could save someones holiday.

On Monday, my Fujifilm Finepix J32 decided to fail on me. Everytime I switch it on it tells me there is a zoom error. To be honest it has done this occassionally since the first time I've used it but a simple push of the on/off switch would have camera back to normal. 
Except, as I said, Monday it decided enough was enough. After a clean, a reset, a little tap the problem remained. So, following my husbands instructions, I googled this and found that it seems to be a common problem with this model and some other Fujifilm cameras. 
My husband bought me the camera Christmas 2009 so for it to fail so soon was really disappointing. And to be honest I imagine he didn't check reviews which may have resulted in a different camera back then.
The resolution seems to be to send it off for repair so the lens can be replaced. I don't have insurance on the camera so this seemed expensive for someone I'm not convinced would result in me having a camera which would last for years and years. 
After a quick search on the Argos website I noticed a variety of cameras for around £50. I already have a Canon 1000d so I just wanted a point and shoot/compact to throw in my bag [not literally] so a huge budget wasn't necessary and a simple camera would be sufficient enough. 

I was delighted to find a camera that looked good and sounded perfect, I checked the reviews and searched the internet for other reviews. All seemed really good.
As Argos are always really good with returns I decided to risk it.
£69.99 was handed over to the cashier and a box placed in my hand. 
I came home, charged it and used it straight away that afternoon. I am amazed. For just short of £70 I have a camera which rivals my DSLR! 
I have promised that after a week of use I will be heading back to the Argos website and leaving a review for the camera. Listing what I like and what I don't like.

With the new baby on the way too, we have a couple of items we didn't have before and once the baby is here I will be leaving reviews for said items to let other mums know how I got on. 

To know that my review helped someone decide on whether or not to make a purchase makes me feel good about myself. If someone chooses to ignore my review and take the risk then so be it, but at least I know I



The Royal Wedding and Me.

I posted about this earlier, had no responses but going to try it anyway.

We all remember where we were and what we were doing during historical events. I wasn't alive when Prince Charles and Princess Diana got married but love hearing conversations from my family about where they were and what they were doing.
As us bloggers are a wide spread lot, and all seem to have different plans for today I thought it might be quite nice for us to collate what we were all doing in one place [ie my blog!]

I'm not a Royalist, my husband kind of is. My husband works for himself and gave himself the day off to watch, decided he wanted us to get bunting and flags, although this eventually meant, due to our rubbish planning, that I was hunting Asda for flags, bunting etc to no avail and then hunting Co-Op where I found some bunting. Brilliant.
We wanted to have a day of "typically British food". Starting off with crumpets, lunch of cucumber sandwiches and scones with clotted cream, jam and strawberries, and as I blog my husband is cooking us a Roast dinner.
My husband is drinking Cava and after the ceremony took Charles on a trip to our local Tesco Express [walking of course] to pick himself up a second bottle to replace the empty first one!

We sat and watched the wedding at home. Just me, my husband and Charles. My husband was telling Charles who each of the members of the Royal family were, and they were loving watching all of the cars arrive and looking at the "nee-naw bikes" whilst I bawled my eyes out at the first site of Prince William and Prince Harry.

I absolutely loved watching the ceremony, although almost missed the balcony kiss due to washing my hair. Oops!

As I said, I'm not a Royalist, but I think its wonderful how we've all come together to celebrate this amazing event. And, I think its great that we have a Monarchy.

I was surprised at the lack of flags and bunting as I drove into town this morning although loved this which I spotted on my drive home:

These are some photos from our little celebration:

So what were you up to? Leave a comment below with a link to your blog post detailing what you were doing, if anything, to celebrate [silent sunday posts are welcome too]

The Royal Wedding and Me: Instructions.

Why do I think of things last minute?! This is just an idea, would love it if a few of you would get involved.

We all remember where we were and what we were doing during historical events. I wasn't alive when Prince Charles and Princess Diana got married but love hearing conversations from my family about where they were and what they were doing.
As us bloggers are a wide spread lot, and all seem to have different plans for today I thought it might be quite nice for us to collate what we were all doing in one place [ie my blog!].

You can be as basic as you like with the info, just a simple one photo entry would be fine or be as detailed as you like. The photo DOESN'T have to be artistic! Just a blurry one taken on your phone will be sufficient enough!
If you want to go into a full on essay about how you feel about the Royal Wedding, especially if you are one who is not celebrating etc I'd love for you to join and link up too. 
If you are blogging or have blogged about the Royal Wedding already or wanting to use your photo as your Silent Sunday then please include those aswell. Anything is welcome.Would especially love a post which includes a street party. (we're not having one sadly)
If you write your post specifically for this linky then please title it "The Royal Wedding and Me".

Basic info that would be good to feature would be:
  • Where you were?
  • Who you were with?
  • How you celebrated?
  • What did you eat? (ie BBQ, Roast Dinner, Picnic, Cucumber sandwiches etc, not looking for cornflakes for breakfast, cheese and pickle sandwich)
  • What did you drink?
Additional info:
  • Did you decorate your house?
  • Did you dress up?
I'll open the linky tonight/tomorrow morning [will keep you all updated via Twitter laureninsuffolk]

Look forward to seeing all of your entries.



Movie Meme: Week 10

I'm so rubbish at this and have really let myself slip and not joined in for the last 3 weeks. Sorry Hannah.
But with this weeks theme I am well and truely back!

This weeks theme is: HORROR!

Yes!! The one I've been waiting for!

I still remember, so clearly, the first horror film my mum "let" me and my brother watch. A friend of mine was staying over and my next door neighbour was round too. My neighbour was older than us so had seen horror films before. Infact he may have watched this film before.
My friend had also seen horror films before. I quite like the fact my mum kept us hidden from them really.

So, we had popcorn, crisps, fizzy drinks etc and sat down to watch:
At first yeah we were probably quite scared. We didn't know what to expect.
I sat there cuddling a cushion, and just as we first saw the killer look through the door at Drew Barrymores character I was about to lift the cushion to my face but instead....I burst out laughing!
I ended up, along with my brother, laughing along at the rest of the film.

Although, a confession on my part, now I would not laugh at it. Infact, the film has left me with a slight fear of patio doors at night time. I hate the fact that beyond the glass there could be a man [or woman] in a mask looking back at me. Or a person, sat tied onto a patio chair about to be murdered in front of me.

But back then yep because of Scream I fell in love with horror films.
I'd watch as many as I could. Not so much the older ones. I haven't watched Candyman for example, although I had wanted to.

Continuing to watch the other Scream movies which I "enjoyed", I also quite liked, but didn't love, I Know What You Did Last Summer and Urban Legend. These were scary, but never the kind of "hide behind a cushion" scary, more...."hmmmm I'm a bit uncomfortable watching this scary". I was starting to feel quite disappointed by horror really. It wasn't what I had imagined it to be.
I seem to remember watching the Chuckie films but nothing sticks with me to make me think they were too scary for me to be able to sleep that night.

Anyway, to fully fit in with the theme, as I have gone away from it, I'd like to send you HERE and HERE, to introduce you to the two films that really get me hiding behind a cushion. Dare you read??


Movie Meme: Film Two.

This is more like it.....definitely not to everyones taste at all but these films are amazing.

I first went to the cinema to see these with my twin brother. We were really into the films. It became tradition for us to watch them together at the cinema. Sadly though our tradition ended and we missed the last two because Charles was a newborn and couldn't be left [I wouldn't leave him] and now my brother lives in Bristol, 6 hours away so not suitable. I am yet to watch the last two, it doesn't seem right to not watch them without him.

He would always be really sweet and whisper to me, "I think this bit is going to make you jump, look out". I'd already predicted the moments that would made me jump by the tense music and camera movements!
I was always the one in the Screen room with hands up at my face, peeking through my fingers, breathing heavily getting myself prepped for the jumping moments.
And its make me VERY scared of being in multi-story car parks by myself.
One year my brother confessed that he very nearly bought me a doll of the clown from the films.
Now I'm not an ungrateful person in the slightest and would keep any present, but this I would be sending straight back or giving to him to keep!

What always strikes me about the Saw films are that SOMEONE SOMEWHERE has this SICK mind to think of all the extreme ways that people are killed.
I mean, its not normal at all, is it?!! Seriously, are the people who write these out here walking amongst us? If so, I'd like to know exactly who they are so I can stay well out of their way, or at least keep on their good side.

Normally I would take pieces from the Internet and quote on here, or write about what happens in the film. But as it is so gruesome and graphic I'll leave it out....want to find out more....Google is your friend ;-)


Mumra Playlist: Week Ten.

The theme chosen for this weeks Mumra Playlist is:
What song do you know every word to?
I am going to surprise you all right now, and pick a song you would never have expected.....<sarcasm>
[To be fair, I know the words to all of his English songs and to some of his Spanish ones, this just seemed the RIGHT one to pick]

Head on over Mumra and add your song to the playlist.

Mumra Playlist


The Gallery: Green.

Taras theme for this weeks Gallery is Green.
Straight away I thought of grass. As I expect most people did.
This is a touchy subject with me. The last 4 years we have been here I have tried so hard to control the weeds (also green!) in my garden, except they are winning.
Although as my nan always says, weeds may be annoying but at least they are green.
She is right I guess. But I just wish I could have a lush green lawn.
Just look at my poor garden (and my little monkey swinging from the bars-new trick)

To make this a happy entry though I wanted to also share some photos from Charles' naming day ceremony last year.
It was just a tiny un-official naming day performed by my husbands uncle who is a trainee Celebrant. He is Charles' Godfather, couldn't make the Christening so we decided to celebrate Charles by having a naming day at their house.
The house was built along with 2 others in a wood which my husbands Grandad owned. His Grandad built the houses, one each for his children. My mother in law sold her house sadly but its brilliant that the other two houses are still in the family.

The wood, in the spring and summer, is filled with huge trees, beautiful grass, stunning bright flowers, vegetable patches and a huge variety of wildlife and insects. It really is an amazing place to be.
Brings out the green-eyed-monster in me for sure! (see what I did there ;-))



Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday


Facebook: Sigh!

"Hello Six Year Wedding Anniversary" reads my status update this morning.
One comment. "WOW"

Three wall posts: one from my husband, one from my sister in law and one from a friend whom I met on an internet forum, realised we lived in the same town at the time, that her parents lived in my hometown (where I live now) and that her wedding was a week after mine.

Now I love Facebook, I am a self-confessed addict, and with the ability to view on my phone and to have the Blackberry Facebook App I am on there a lot.
But despite that I haven't let it change my manners.


WHY does the like button mean we know longer need to also congratulate someone or say happy birthday to someone etc??
Does the fact that these 10 people have liked my status mean they are congratulating me? I just don't really get it.
Like button most certainly = laziness and rudeness in my eyes.
I LIKE it if you post about it being a sunny day, or that you've had a good day...if the latter I will like your status but also ask what you have done to have such a good day. Know what that is called? CONVERSATION!

Thinking back to December last year, I posted about our pregnancy. Over 40 comments, lovely. Yet also 50+ likes, so some of those people felt the need to like my status, but not actually congratulate us? To me that is just rude, especially when a couple of those people were family!!
I dread to think of the lack of congratulations message when I give birth.

I can't help but think that life before Facebook [and Myspace] we would've been struggling to find room in our house to fit the anniversary cards or congratulations cards.

For me, ANY anniversary is something to celebrate, especially a wedding anniversary. If a friend of mine posts that this time 2 years ago they met their "fluffy bunny boyfriend" I still acknowledge that and say congratulations.
If someone says they are looking forward to going out for a meal to celebrate their boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/wife/mums birthday that night I will say "have a good time. Happy birthday to X" even if I do not know that person.

I don't know, maybe because of the majority of my friends are not married yet means that they don't understand how important a wedding anniversary feels.

What else gets me is, that one Twitter three of my virtual mummy blogger friends have sent me a Happy Anniversary message....I haven't even mentioned my Anniversary over on there.....yet. These are people I have never met, yet have taken the time to think of me and acknowledge the day. (thank you ladies)

I now look at Facebook and I have 2 more likes and ONE proper comment on my status, from someone who was there on the day. It's made me smile.

Maybe I am being over-sensitive about this? Or am I justified? (I have always felt like this, but with added pregnancy hormones it means I feel brave enough to get it out!)

Don't get me wrong, this isn't just about the lack of anniversary messages, but also at how Facebook has changed us and taken away conversation and basic manners. Another thing that annoys me is people asking for advice etc, you giving advice, and them not thanking you. RUDE! Just RUDE!

My tip to you: ignore that little like button, and leave a comment. It may make someones day.
Or at least just make them smile and feel important.



The Tip!

Are you a tosser?
Every week/two weeks I place Charles in the car surrounded by lots of trash to take to the local recycling centre.
Most of the time its just simply a big bag of nappies and the contents from the rabbit hutch. The three of us alone somehow create so much rubbish that our black bin [general waste] is always full, so I find it easier to just pop in the car and take the bag down to tip and throw the bag into door number 12!

I have to confess that we aren't the best at recycling at home. We try though, and every two weeks put out a full blue bin, but there is probably a lot of recycle products that are placed in our black bin too.

I'm always made to feel a little guilty as I walk or drive towards door number 12. "Waste to Landfill" reads the sign above. Ok, I get it. By dumping my bag in here I am doing nothing for the environment. But, I TRIED with cloth nappies, and we couldn't get on with them. I even used Eco nappies but found they leaked too much.
Maybe if our area, like other areas in the country do, offered the real nappy incentive then we may have tried harder but to keep trying different brands just gets so expensive and I don't want to have a collection of unusable nappies cluttering up my nursery/loft!

Anyway, most of the time when driving into the tip we are greeted by someone who works there. At times this person can be really cheery, ask what you have, and guide you to which door you need. Other times, this person can be really grumpy, which ok I can understand, I'm not sure I'd be happy working somewhere that smells as bad as that place and dealing with rubbish all day, but still, I am making the effort to try and recycle and to not have a build up of bags of nappies in my back garden (in the past I've even been known to wait until our neighbours have put their black bins out and then top theirs up with our overflow of rubbish)

I've just got back from a trip to the tip. Taking with me or suitcase which was damaged on holiday [no big deal, it was old anyway] cardboard, polysyrene, plastic, and a bag of nappies. The grumpy guy was the first to have greeted me, except he had his back to me so I just drove past him. I spotted one of the nice men there anyway so decided I would head over to him if I needed to know which door to put my rubbish in.
Although as I stepped out of my car another worker headed over and asked if he could help me. Never before has someone asked if they can help me with my rubbish.
He took all the fiddly bits, told me to just take the cardboard and he'd deal with the rest. He didn't spot Charles in the back at first because the rubbish next to him was towering over him and asked if he was staying in or if I needed him to be removed too. Normally jokes like that wouldn't make me laugh but this time it did. I asked if he could leave him where he was.

As I left today I felt good for going there. I felt a sense of "good on me" for recycling.

And to make me smile as I left I spotted this banner on the gate which always amuses me.
Do you recycle or head to your local refuse centre?

Meme: 10 Facts About Me.

I've been tagged by Him, Me and Three in the Kreativ Blogger Award: 10 Facts About Me.

I'm pretty open so not sure theres many facts that people don't know really.

1: I passed my driving theory test, first time, then moved away to St Neots, started driving lessons there but didn't want to take my test in Cambridge. Stopped driving lessons there because I was fed up. Moved back here, could afford lessons but found other things to spend my money on [ie worked near a New Look!] but my husband bought me a little Fiat and I drove that around for almost 2 years, with either him or my mum as passengers. Then in 2010 my mum offered to pay for my lessons and test. I paid for my theory test, which had to be retaken because my first one had run out, and again I passed first time.
Then came my big test, 8.30am, and I PASSED! I was over the moon and its one of the best things that I've ever done.
1b: I was given the option to do a turn in the road or reverse around the corner on my test!! I chose the easy option of turn in the road.
1c: The examiner flirted with me on my test! I made a comment about it being hot in the car and he replied with "No, I just tend to have that effect on women" I replied with "oohhh my god! I didn't expect that reply" and we laughed.

2: I've suffered with depression since I was 15 due to my dad having an affair and leaving. It's something I am not ashamed of at all. I had a bad reaction to anti-depressants which to be honest I think made me feel worse and made me suffer with bad anxiety on top of the depression. I now cope without medication.

3: Immediately after having Charles I suffered, and still suffer, with severe anxiety. I had to see a "mental health link worker" due to it and he was so shocked by some of the graphic things I "see" that he didn't know what to say and how to deal with me. One day I would like to write down all of the things I've felt but I'm too afraid that people will think I am crazy and no longer talk to me.

4: I have been so let down by friends in the past that I don't really trust anyone. I know that one of my best friends bad mouths me behind my back but can put up with it because I know its just the kind of person she is.

5: I cracked my head open when I was 10[ish] A friend was giving me a piggy back in my bedroom and slipped and I smacked my head on the side of a chest of drawers.

6: I always wanted to be best mates with Jade Goody and cried for days and days when she died. I found it really hard to accept.

7: I was bullied in middle school. One day some girls made prank phonecalls to my house when I was in high school and put on the voice from scream. We went to the police and they were able to find out who it was. For a long time I then had a fear of the phone and still won't answer unknown calls. It was always hard at work as my bosses never understood. I was bullied for loving liking Hanson and the Spice Girls. Girls can be so cruel :-(

8: I used to go to craft fairs with my mum and sell Terracota Pots I had painted and decorated. My "company name" [the name I signed on the bottom of each pot] was Lolly Pots. I was only 13! My mum sold painted glass and ceramic plates. We both always did really well.

9: I have to sit on the floor if a Ricky Martin music video comes on the telly. Do not ask me why as I do not know.

10: I live in leggings.

Again not sure who else has been tagged in this yet or not so will leave tagging. If anyone wants to be tagged then let me know and I'll edit you on :-)


The Gallery: My Blog

This weeks theme for The Gallery is My Blog.
Simply what sums up your blog.
I don't think theres one photo which sums up my blog. So a collage it had to be!

  • Family
  • Marriage
  • Pregnancy
  • Motherhood
  • Pets
  • Days Out
  • Life in general
  • ME


What's In My Fridge? A Meme

How bizarre is this meme?! Bizarre but strangely quite interesting.
Jenny at Mummy Mishaps tagged me in this meme.

Ok I admit, I was delighted in being tagged in this meme just as I got back from holiday -> EMPTY FRIDGE!

So here it is:

Top Shelf:
Cranberry Sauce
2 x Aunty Junes homemade Jam
2 x marmalade (1 Apricot and 1 Orange)
Half a pack of white chocolate buttons

Middle Shelf:
Mayo (again)
Half a tin on Macaroni Cheese
Spring Rolls
An old mouldy tub of Creme Freche from before we went on holiday (oops)

Bottom Shelf:
Chocolate Pudding
Turkey Joint
Feta Cheese

Carrots for the rabbit.

Blue Milk
Green Milk

Not sure who has or hasn't done this as I am still on a mega blog catch up so I tag. If you don't want to do it then I'm not offended, I just wanted to at least tag someone ;-)
Him, Me and Three


I'm ready now!

Before Charles we always planned a 4 year age gap. When he arrived though, we changed our minds, well, my husband did...much to my surprise.
I was prescribed the mini pill although I never took it, my doctor said mentioned about breastfeeding being a form of contraception although I know some people have still fallen pregnant whilst breastfeeding (before their cycle returned)
We both [my husband not my doctor] decided that we would just risk it,
After 9 months my cycles returned so we knew we definitely COULD get pregnant now. And at this point decided that yes, we were trying for a baby. Although if it happened, it happened, if it didn't, it didn't. We weren't going to get ourselves worked up over it.

So on the 7th of November, after a day out at a zoo and feeling confused over whether or not my period was late we picked up a cheapy test from Morrisons. As soon as we got in I headed upstairs, pee'd on that stick and instantly 2 lines came up.
I ran downstairs to find Jonathan and Charles having a cuddle. I looked at Charles and said "you're going to be a big brother"  Of course at almost 17 months he didn't know what I was saying to him but I felt better that I had acknowledged that he was as much part of this big news as my husband.
My husband was so excited, as was I until I then burst into tears and a huge feeling of guilt hit me. I was still breastfeeding Charles at the time and didn't feel ready to stop, and I knew he wasn't ready either.
I felt like we were saying that he wasn't fulfilling enough etc etc.
At the same time the feelings of happiness were still around, but  couldn't shake these feelings of guilt.
Within no matter of time the pregnancy was affecting the breastfeeding experience. My nipples were so sore that it was almost like the first week of Charles' life when he suffered from tongue tie. I also knew that my body was not making enough milk.

In December I became really ill with flu, so bad that we sent Charles off for the day with my mum because I just didn't have the energy to entertain him, this is the first time we've ever done that in 18 months!
It was this weekend that he took his final feed from me. He stopped by himself.
I was so proud of him for deciding to stop and not making me wean him off as we had planned, as this would of broken my heart. But still at the same time I felt guilty that we were made to stop.
Now though, looking back, we were both ready for it and it was completely the right time. At just over 18 months I felt and still feel so proud to have been able to breastfeed him.

Over the next few weeks I still felt the feeling of guilt, I couldn't shake it off.  At the same time I was so excited and busying myself thinking of how I would cope being pregnant and entertaining a toddler, and then entertaining a newborn and toddler!
Parents were excited, it was different this time than with Charles as we both have strained relationships with our dads now sadly.

This time though I have the added bonus of two fantastic friends who weren't in my life when I was pregnant with Charles. The reaction I recieved from both of these more than made up for the slight lack of reaction/excitement missing from the dads. Don't get me wrong, they are excited.....apparently, but not around as much as they were previously.
Our 12 week scan came and went (at 13+6) but was amazing.
Although up until then I was convinced that we would see nothing, that there was no baby. 100% convinced.
But seeing this little person on the screen was such a relief!!
The due date was brought forward by a week which we were delighted about.I was already so bloated and hardly any of my clothes fit me!
Then came the 20 week scan...its a boy.

Getting to the nitty gritty of it all, and the bits I need to get off my chest. Is the feeling of guilt that has stayed with me through the majority of this. Charles has appeared to understand that there is a baby in my tummy. He knows what a baby is. He's made this obvious. And with it being a boy I know how lovely it will be that they can play together, and hopefully be best mates.

Not only have I had this feeling of guilt, but also felt so protective over the being inside of me. Although I have the two friends who constantly want to know how things are going, constantly remind me how excited they are etc, I feel as though family (other than my mum) aren't as excited before.
My husband hasn't wanted to feel the baby kick and move as much. With Charles we had "baby time" every Sunday and most nights where he would talk to the bump, read stories, play music, and this time that has been non-existant, despite my encouragement.
So I feel as though I'm the only one putting in the effort to make this child feel the love he needs.
Its exhausting me.

The lack of needing to buy things has also been hard. Its made me feel as though the baby has less importance, which is silly because its not about that at all. Its that we don't need as much!
Although now things have started moving and we now have a swing for him, breastfeeding pillow, clothes, a bouncer all bought for us from other people.

Then came our holiday last week, and since being back everything has clicked. Everything is ok. My feelings of guilt have all but disappeared. In the next month/just over a month I'll be properly preparing all his clothes, washing them and placing them into the brand new wooden drawers and wardrobes we'll have, ready for his arrival.
Just being away with Charles made me realise there was something missing. Not for us, not something he wasn't fulfilling, but something we weren't fulfilling for him. He needed a playmate. He needed a brother.
I watched him at the mini disco every night. He is such a kind, considerate and friendly little boy. Confident despite the fact he doesn't go to nursery and spend much time with other children.
He loves helping me in every way he can, so I just know he is going to be great when the new baby is here.

I'm not expecting it to be easy.
But now I know that it won't be as hard as I originally thought.
I have nothing to feel guilty about.
A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I feel great.
Really great.
And really excited.
I'm ready!!

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Lanzarote: Part Three. The Photo Edition.


Lanzarote: Part Two....it gets better!

So we arrived at the hotel with a HUGE sigh and smile! The hotel we were pulling up at was one we drooled over as we dropped other holidaymakers off from the airport.
We were greeted by our Thomas Cook rep, Ellen, who was lovely, and taken to reception to check in. The receptionist was lovely and we were delighted when they as well offered us a proper cot...not a skanky old travel cot or a guest bed. We again asked if we could have a cot and see how we go by maybe change our minds to a guest bed, it was no trouble.
We were directed to our room on the 5th floor...via the lifts...yay!! As we walked through the hotel we were in love, ok reviews we read regarding stained carpets were right and it does make the hotel look a tiny bit dirty BUT its simply where guests have taken drinks to their room etc so not entirely the hotels fault, especially as they have a policy of not taking drinks to rooms. Either way, this didn't put us off at all.

We walked into the room and were straight away wowed by it! HUUUUGE!! We expected twin beds, instead we were greeted with a 7 foot bed! PLUS a guest bed already set up for Charles. We decided we would co sleep for the week as the bed was big enough for all of us to spread out...plus my ever expanding bump!
We looked out over the balcony and loved the view of the pool! We also had a view of some of the Lanzarote landscape, the sea and also the desalination plant which didn't bother us really!
I then turned round to view the bathroom and was excited like every girl would be to see that we had a walk in washroom/wardrobe which lead through to the bathroom. His and hers sinks, huge mirror, hairdryer, huge wardrobe with drawers. Yes I am easily pleased!
Bathroom was lovely too! Tiny bit dark and a lack of a fan but all ok!

We headed down for dinner eventually and loved the huge choice of food on offer. The restaurant was big so we were always able to find a table later on in the week too.
We headed off to bed after dinner as we all couldn't keep our eyes open much longer. After being in bed for 20 minutes there was a knock at the door and someone was trying to get in, we immediately panicked that we were given someone elses room and they had just arrived at the hotel from the airport and wanted to get in their room. Braless, with hair everywhere already and just a vest top on I went to the door, to be greeted by a cleaner and maintenance man who were delivering a cot! I tried to explain that we didn't need it now as he was in bed with us, 10 minutes later they left after finally understanding me...or just giving up because they couldn't understand me.

The rest of the week was lovely. We went swimming, not everyday as the pool was cold but we enjoyed it when we did go in. We bought Charles a swimming ring which was a Dinosaur, he decided it was a Rhino so we went with it, therefore the Swimming Pool was always known as "Rhino Bath".
We went to the Aquarium one day which was rubbish to be honest and took all of 20 minutes.
We went on an excursion to the Rancho Texas Park, which was basically a zoo with 2 tigers and 3 Pumas. We weren't overally impressed but it was a day out.
We hoped to go on a Submarine trip but were unable to due to Charles being under 2, apparently the breathing apparatus in the Submarine isn't good enough for a child under 2.
Everynight was based around Charles getting his time to go dancing. He was obsessed. It was lovely to see. He would wake up at 3am some mornings and say to me "dancing, dancing" and I'd have to try and shush him back to sleep. We are making him a CD of the songs he danced to.
Best bit about the holiday: FREE SLUSH PUPPIES AT THE POOL BAR!! Yay!!

Overall it was a lovely holiday. We would go again, although this time book a bit more in advance so we can plan our days a lot more.
Charles enjoyed his first time on a plane and is now obsessed with them!

Part three on its way soon......with photos!

The Gallery: Tomorrow

Gosh what a tough theme for this weeks The Gallery! Tomorrow!

Wasn't quite sure how to interpret it but I guess that is part of The Gallery...we all see things in different ways.

When I was younger, I, same as many other people, thought about my life as an adult, what I wanted to do, what I wanted to be, what I wanted in general.
Thinking now, I am so lucky. At age 25 I have everything I always wanted and dreamt of.

I always wanted to be married young, I was never one of those girls who wanted to go out and party and go away on girly holidays etc. I didn't want to be independent. I love the idea of having someone to help walk with me through life.
At 19 [and a half] years old I celebrated my wedding day. Not only was my wish of marrying young coming true, although I never expected to be so young, my wish of marrying someone older than me was also coming true. (Insert Golddigger jokes here)
My husband is almost 10 years older than me although we never really notice the age gap at all.

At 21/30 we bought our first house together back home and I got a job as Assistant Manager at Superdrug.

At 23 we went on an amazing one week cruise and on our return we found out that in that week we'd created
another branch to our family tree.

In June 2009 that little branch was born.
At age 23 I passed my driving test (first time!!) and am the proud owner of a fab Freelander! Yum!

My hopes and wishes of being able to breastfeed were met and for 18 months my son was given milk my body had made him.
Breastfeeding only stopped because of this:

So at aged 25 I have everything I ever wanted. A husband, a house, a car, 1 child with another one on the way and I am a stay at home mummy. Life couldn't be better.


The Gallery: Mother Love

I didn't make it in time to be able to link up with everyone on the Mother Love theme for The Gallery due to a hectic day of packing and shopping and house sorting etc but I wanted to add to it anyway.

This photo was taken on July 22nd 2008. Its me, my mum and her mum. My nan lives in Somerset and so we hardly see her. This year they [my nan and aunty] visited us for a change (which was lovely) and on this day we visited Thrigby Hall Gardens. My nan had a hip operation after falling over at my wedding so walked as much as she could but eventually we borrowed a wheelchair for her.
I love this photo!
And one of my mum being normal..........


Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday
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