Flashback Friday: 23/04/05

Is it awfully bad that I've just realised the date of my wedding anniversary is almost 2345???
Tomorrow we are celebrating six years of marriage! I am so happy to be past the 5 year mark for some reason. Getting married at 19 meant I had a few of the "wow you are young" comments....never "it won't last" thankfully....well to my face anyway.

I've said before [I think] that I always knew I would get married young, although I never imagined as young as 19, was thinking more early 20's but it felt right at the time. We got engaged after being together for 10 months and we were planning on the whole long engagement thang, then my husband got a job 2 hours away from where we currently lived. I said the deal was we either broke up, as I was not going to have a long distance relationship, or I moved with him and we bought our wedding forward. Thankfully he chose the latter. And after moving to Bedfordshire we sat and looked at my diary and chose April 23rd 2005 as our wedding date! (We didn't even realise it was St Georges Day because as a nation we are pretty crap at celebrating our own patron saint hey?!!)

So here we are 6 years later, one child and another on the way, as happy as ever. It seemed appropriate that these photos were used for my Flashback Friday entry this week.
(Stupidly these are all in a random order and its annoying me but not letting me fix it!!)

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