#flashbackfriday Right, Said, Fred!!

My entry for this week is from 1991/1992/1993 (I can't really remember) We were visiting my nanny and aunties in Somerset and went to the Bristol Balloon Festival. My dad snuck off for a bit, came back and told me to look at what he had just recorded on our video camera. I looked in the view finder and couldn't believe what I was seeing....RIGHT SAID FRED!!
My mum gave me some paper and a pen and I headed over towards the hot air balloon they were currently standing in and near (I think it was a Virgin one) but on my way over, I tripped up on a rope. I ran back to my parents and my dad picked me up and took me over to Richard. 
He told him what had just happened, and to our surprise Richard was so sympathetic and asked if later on I would like to go up in the hot air balloon with them!! :-O Wow!! Of course I said yes....right.....wrong! I said no, I'm too afraid of heights (silly girl!)
He instead invited me over to the VIP area later on so we could have photos taken and so I could get Fred and Robert (the drummers) autographs too. This I did say yes to.

These two photos were taken in the VIP area. Fred picked me up for our photo [swoon] and I was delighted when Richard asked me to give him a kiss....of course I didn't know he was gay at the time.....
The drummer was quite boring really, signed my piece of paper and blew cigarette smoke all over me....lovely.

Three years ago I went to a 90's weekend in Butlins, Skegness, with my husband, sister in law and a group of her friends. First night guess who were on the line up....yep....Right Said Fred.
I got this photo printed on the back of a tshirt and "Deeply Dippy" printed on the front.
Stood at the front of the stage, and cried as they came on. I felt like a little girl again. Except this time Richard couldn't be any less uninviting. He purposefully blanked me, my sister in laws (now ex) boyfriend all of a sudden put me on his shoulders....much to securitys try and get Richard to notice my tshirt. But again he just blanked me. I was so disappointed. 
I did though, get a reaction from Fred. I showed him the tshirt, and shouted that it was us lot YEARS ago and he looked at it and said "Wow", that made it worth while. 
I was gutted, and still am really, at Richards ego change, seeing as they were a much bigger group all them years ago and surely should've had the egos then rather than now.