The Gallery: Green.

Taras theme for this weeks Gallery is Green.
Straight away I thought of grass. As I expect most people did.
This is a touchy subject with me. The last 4 years we have been here I have tried so hard to control the weeds (also green!) in my garden, except they are winning.
Although as my nan always says, weeds may be annoying but at least they are green.
She is right I guess. But I just wish I could have a lush green lawn.
Just look at my poor garden (and my little monkey swinging from the bars-new trick)

To make this a happy entry though I wanted to also share some photos from Charles' naming day ceremony last year.
It was just a tiny un-official naming day performed by my husbands uncle who is a trainee Celebrant. He is Charles' Godfather, couldn't make the Christening so we decided to celebrate Charles by having a naming day at their house.
The house was built along with 2 others in a wood which my husbands Grandad owned. His Grandad built the houses, one each for his children. My mother in law sold her house sadly but its brilliant that the other two houses are still in the family.

The wood, in the spring and summer, is filled with huge trees, beautiful grass, stunning bright flowers, vegetable patches and a huge variety of wildlife and insects. It really is an amazing place to be.
Brings out the green-eyed-monster in me for sure! (see what I did there ;-))

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