The Gallery: Tomorrow

Gosh what a tough theme for this weeks The Gallery! Tomorrow!

Wasn't quite sure how to interpret it but I guess that is part of The Gallery...we all see things in different ways.

When I was younger, I, same as many other people, thought about my life as an adult, what I wanted to do, what I wanted to be, what I wanted in general.
Thinking now, I am so lucky. At age 25 I have everything I always wanted and dreamt of.

I always wanted to be married young, I was never one of those girls who wanted to go out and party and go away on girly holidays etc. I didn't want to be independent. I love the idea of having someone to help walk with me through life.
At 19 [and a half] years old I celebrated my wedding day. Not only was my wish of marrying young coming true, although I never expected to be so young, my wish of marrying someone older than me was also coming true. (Insert Golddigger jokes here)
My husband is almost 10 years older than me although we never really notice the age gap at all.

At 21/30 we bought our first house together back home and I got a job as Assistant Manager at Superdrug.

At 23 we went on an amazing one week cruise and on our return we found out that in that week we'd created
another branch to our family tree.

In June 2009 that little branch was born.
At age 23 I passed my driving test (first time!!) and am the proud owner of a fab Freelander! Yum!

My hopes and wishes of being able to breastfeed were met and for 18 months my son was given milk my body had made him.
Breastfeeding only stopped because of this:

So at aged 25 I have everything I ever wanted. A husband, a house, a car, 1 child with another one on the way and I am a stay at home mummy. Life couldn't be better.

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