Lanzarote: Part Two....it gets better!

So we arrived at the hotel with a HUGE sigh and smile! The hotel we were pulling up at was one we drooled over as we dropped other holidaymakers off from the airport.
We were greeted by our Thomas Cook rep, Ellen, who was lovely, and taken to reception to check in. The receptionist was lovely and we were delighted when they as well offered us a proper cot...not a skanky old travel cot or a guest bed. We again asked if we could have a cot and see how we go by maybe change our minds to a guest bed, it was no trouble.
We were directed to our room on the 5th floor...via the lifts...yay!! As we walked through the hotel we were in love, ok reviews we read regarding stained carpets were right and it does make the hotel look a tiny bit dirty BUT its simply where guests have taken drinks to their room etc so not entirely the hotels fault, especially as they have a policy of not taking drinks to rooms. Either way, this didn't put us off at all.

We walked into the room and were straight away wowed by it! HUUUUGE!! We expected twin beds, instead we were greeted with a 7 foot bed! PLUS a guest bed already set up for Charles. We decided we would co sleep for the week as the bed was big enough for all of us to spread out...plus my ever expanding bump!
We looked out over the balcony and loved the view of the pool! We also had a view of some of the Lanzarote landscape, the sea and also the desalination plant which didn't bother us really!
I then turned round to view the bathroom and was excited like every girl would be to see that we had a walk in washroom/wardrobe which lead through to the bathroom. His and hers sinks, huge mirror, hairdryer, huge wardrobe with drawers. Yes I am easily pleased!
Bathroom was lovely too! Tiny bit dark and a lack of a fan but all ok!

We headed down for dinner eventually and loved the huge choice of food on offer. The restaurant was big so we were always able to find a table later on in the week too.
We headed off to bed after dinner as we all couldn't keep our eyes open much longer. After being in bed for 20 minutes there was a knock at the door and someone was trying to get in, we immediately panicked that we were given someone elses room and they had just arrived at the hotel from the airport and wanted to get in their room. Braless, with hair everywhere already and just a vest top on I went to the door, to be greeted by a cleaner and maintenance man who were delivering a cot! I tried to explain that we didn't need it now as he was in bed with us, 10 minutes later they left after finally understanding me...or just giving up because they couldn't understand me.

The rest of the week was lovely. We went swimming, not everyday as the pool was cold but we enjoyed it when we did go in. We bought Charles a swimming ring which was a Dinosaur, he decided it was a Rhino so we went with it, therefore the Swimming Pool was always known as "Rhino Bath".
We went to the Aquarium one day which was rubbish to be honest and took all of 20 minutes.
We went on an excursion to the Rancho Texas Park, which was basically a zoo with 2 tigers and 3 Pumas. We weren't overally impressed but it was a day out.
We hoped to go on a Submarine trip but were unable to due to Charles being under 2, apparently the breathing apparatus in the Submarine isn't good enough for a child under 2.
Everynight was based around Charles getting his time to go dancing. He was obsessed. It was lovely to see. He would wake up at 3am some mornings and say to me "dancing, dancing" and I'd have to try and shush him back to sleep. We are making him a CD of the songs he danced to.
Best bit about the holiday: FREE SLUSH PUPPIES AT THE POOL BAR!! Yay!!

Overall it was a lovely holiday. We would go again, although this time book a bit more in advance so we can plan our days a lot more.
Charles enjoyed his first time on a plane and is now obsessed with them!

Part three on its way soon......with photos!
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