Flashback Friday: Minnie Cat!

To coincide with my post from last night about The Girl I'm Yet to Introduce You To I'd like to take you back to 2005.
We'd been married a few months and decided we would like to add to our family....which at this point was the two of us and our cat Harry.
We'd been told that the farm in Warwickshire which most of my husbands familys cats came from had another litter due.
We were put on the waiting list, and told it was quite long so may have to wait until the next litter.
But it seems we were somehow bumped to the top and we were phoned a week later to say we could go up and see the kittens.

We went for lunch at my husbands aunty and uncles house, and walked up the road to the farm. There in a barn/outhouse we were shown in to we saw a small bundle of tiny kittens.
I was nervous, I'd never really liked cats before, especially kittens. Cute yes but I didn't really like touching them.
We'd already decided we wanted a girl and would've preferred to not have a tabby, as Harry was a tabby, we wanted something different.
Then we noticed a beautiful tiny fluffy little one asleep on the hay. My husband picked her up, I was cuddling another kitten at this point which I happened to like, but was then handed this other little one, her fur immediately stood out from the rest. A gorgeous tortoiseshell, flecks of ginger, blonde, and "brunette", and what seemed like huge ears. She was so tiny that she fit perfectly into my hands, I brought her in closer to my chest so I felt I was supporting her and she really snuggled in.
I was falling in love.
My husband asked what I thought, I held her away from my chest to look at her to give him an answer....she woke up and....she hissed at me.
As I was about to say "oh I'm not sure now" my husband said "we'll have this one please!"
They weren't ready to leave their mummy yet so we had to wait a few weeks. In the meantime we had to decide on a name.
I wanted Belle, not allowed it, Geri, not allowed it. And after going through a looooong list of names, none of which my husband approved of, we settled on Jasmine.

Bringing her home was nervewracking. I felt sorry for Harry and hoped he would understand that we'd got Jasmine as a friend, not a replacement.
Jasmine was very confident and headed over to him, he hissed, she walked off, and then she would head over to him again, he would hiss, she would walk off.
She slept in our room that night and we kept them separated most of the time unless we were both there.
After approx 2 months Harry finally gave in and decided to love Jasmine. He would clean her a lot, she became dependant on him for this, hense why I call her a Diva.
They were best friends and truely loved each other. And when we sadly lost Harry a year and a half ago we could see how hurt she was.

Still she is around although everyday I expect her to not come home :-( and am relieved when she arrives at our conservatory door in the evening ready to come in and settle down for the night.

Here is the photo of the day we first met her: [not very clear as it was taken on a rubbish mobile camera]
Jasmine and Harry [We have this framed in our lounge]
Showing off her very long and extremely fluffy belly!
*I feel like I should've done a Flashback Friday post about Harry as he is no longer with us and was such a big part of our lives, not just a pet, and I will do one soon, probably in July actually. It will all become relevant.

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