The Girl I'm Yet to Introduce You To.

The whole time I've been blogging I've talked a lot about Charles, obviously, and also of our soon to be born second child, also a boy, and been quite honest about my feelings towards not having a daughter.
Yet tonight it occured to me that not once have I mentioned the special girl I do have in my life.
She is six years old [almost] and joined us a couple of months after we got married.
She was a play friend for our cat, Harry, who sadly died a year and a half ago :-( They are related and are from a farm in Warwickshire. My mother in law has one of Harrys sisters and my husbands Aunty has other siblings of both cats.
Harry and Jasmine are cousins and half brother/sister (their dad likes to put it about a bit!)

Anyway, after Harry left us we rescued another cat, sadly this cat was very poorly and only spent approx 2 months with us before a trip to the vet ended with us making a sad but fair decision.
In the meantime Jasmine wasn't too happy about being "replaced" and took to going to a neighbours house for dinner/almost to live! [neighbour was inviting her and still to this day does despite us asking, begging and telling her to leave Jasmine alone]
Nowadays she spends more time at home and in the garden and is slowing coming to terms with this toddler who runs after her shouting "Minnie Cat!!!" "Jaaaaaazzzzzzzzz"
She likes to pretend she hates him but if he is in bed at night and she hears him cry or hears him unsettled she is straight at his door wanting to go in to see if he is ok. She will jump on his bed, once I have entered his room, and sit near him purring until I tell her to leave. If only Charles knew she did this, he would be over the moon.

Harry was always a very photogenic cat, Jasmine, although totally gorgeous, has a habit of closing her eyes just as the camera is about to snap!
One day last year though I was able to take some [amazing, if I do say so myself] photos of the Diva herself and would love to share them with you.

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