Mumra Playlist: Week Ten.

Rewind to 2009, I'd just got back from my first family holiday to Center Parcs with my husband and son and straight away headed to the theatre with my mum.
This was the first time I'd ever left Charles.
Walking into the theatre we were excited, life before Charles involved a lot of theatre trips with my mum. It's definitely something I now miss.
Anyway, we'd heard that this show was amazing, but didn't actually know what it was about.
We heard other people in the entrance lobby saying they were seeing this show for the 5th, 6th, 7th time [or more!] and as we sat down my mum noticed the amount of people holding tissues.

Hmmmmm.....maybe we really should've read up on it a bit more.
The show in question:

Ok so, there are three main reasons I should not have gone to this:
1: I am a twin!
2: I had a baby [boy]!
3: I am an emotional wreck at the best of times!

So there we are, sat there, thankfully my mum always has a pack of tissues in her bag and I also had tissues handy.....although mine were in my bra ready to absorbe my breastmilk because I had forgotten to wear breastpads!
I silently cried [and laughed in places] at this show, and honestly at times held myself back from shouting at them that they were brothers, I was into it THAT much! Part of me now even wishes I'd of done it so I could've prevented the ending......ha!!

By the end I was bawling uncontrollably....and slightly loudly. 
After I got home my husband asked how my night was and I burst into tears, it took me a while to tell him why.
Still to this day I cry about it. 
The songs from the show are all amazing. But this one is probably my favourite. Lyn Paul played Mrs Johnstone and had the most beautiful voice and stage prescence.
Tell Me Its Not True

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