Yes, his cord!

Like other mummies and daddies out there I have created a special box [also known as a memory box] for Charles.
I have a postcard from our first trip abroad, camping in France last year, we went via Channel Tunnel.
I have also bought a postcard from our recent holiday to Lanzarote, and hope to keep up a tradition of collecting a postcard from every abroad destination we visit with Charles and his baby brother.

I still have my printed birth plan, the top I wore when I gave birth, the wrist and ankle band they put on us both with our details, the label placed on his cot, the plaster from his first heel prick [or injections, I didn't make a note of it and now kicking myself for it!], the little rubber bit that was used for his first hearing test and......his cord.
Not just the clamp, which apparently is normal to keep, but his actual cord, which apparently isn't as normal to keep.
By why not?
It doesn't smell, its shrivelled up and kept in a clear plastic bag which is now cellotaped onto a piece of card which is placed in a plastic wallet and kept in his special box. Hardly like it is framed on our lounge wall for all to see everyday, so completely not offensive to anyone.

For me the cord was such an important "thing" to keep. It was what fed my child when inside my womb.
Part of my birth plan was for the cord to stop pulsating until it was cut, sadly this couldn't be followed as we had to get Charles out of the pool quickly so he could have a few pumps of oxygen and my heavy bleeding meant the midwives wanted me out quick to assess the situation.
For the first week whilst the cord was attached I didn't change any nappy unless it was stupid o clock in the morning and I didn't want to wake my husband up. The cord freaked me out, mainly because I was worried it would just come off in my hand and expected blood or more.It wasn't until the day it came off, six days after he was born, that I felt really attached to it [excuse the slight pun there ;-)]

Did anyone else keep their babies cord??? Is it really that weird that I have? If so, why is it??
Have you kept anything weirder than a cord??
Its something I'll definitely be keeping for this baby too.
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