Second birthday celebrations. The Weekend Edition.

Yesterday, June 14th, our "baby" officially became a "big boy". Charles turned 2. It doesn't quite seem possible.
Saturday morning, in preparation for the weekends birthday celebrations, I popped to the local balloon shop to pick up the "2" balloon I had ordered. As I walked to the car " looked up. 2. I almost went back into the shop to tell them of my mistake, I meant to get a 1. I sat in the car, trying to manovur this balloon to a position so I could see out of the windows and had a wave of emotional flood over me.
I did mean to get a 2.
My baby was no longer a baby, but now a big boy. But it wasn't as bad as it sounds. I sat in the car for a bit to calm myself down and thought of all the positives of this two year old.
The conversations we now have. The way he understands what I tell him, ask him and talk to him about. The way he can help me with things, sometimes through his wanting to help, sometimes through me making him help [tidying toys and books away!] And mostly the feeling of having company now.
Being a stay at home mum/housewife can feel a little lonely sometimes, I've been lucky enough to not experience the loneliness or boredem really but sometimes its nice to have proper company other than a baby. And now this toddler means I feel like I have constant company.
If I am feeling sad I can tell him and he will comfort me (who knew 2 year olds did this?!)
If I am feeling happy we can dance around together and be happy together.
If I just want a cuddle he will give me one.

And of course him turning two gave us the great excuse to have a weekend of celebrating and a mid-week family day out!

Saturday morning saw my mum pop over so I could go and collect the balloon and some garden furniture from a friend and not have a toddler in tow. She also let Charles have his birthday present from her early. A "bounce" [trampoline].

On Saturday afternoon, we had my dad, his wife, her mum and my nan over for sandwiches and nibbles. My dad got stuck in helping my husband put together the gazebo (last minute plan which eventually turned out to be a good idea!) and then assembled Charles' birthday present from him and my nan.

Charles was well and truely spoilt with attention from his grandad, being chased around the garden, up and down the slide with grandads assistance and eventually both eating birthday cake together and watching a plane in the sky.

We were really lucky with the weather and the sun shone the whole afternoon. After our guests left Charles ended up falling asleep in his highchair in the middle of eating an ice cream, after being cleaned up and put to bed he slept very well that night!

The next day [Sunday] we were delighted when we woke up to glorious sunshine. We popped out to get the last minute food bits for the party planned for the afternoon, and to also pick up a barbeque from Argos as we hadn't cleaned our one which was stuck in the shed!
As soon as we got home I decided, with an hour and a half until the first guests were due, that I should do my roots. Nothing like leaving it until the last minute. So I left Charles and my husband to get the barbeque built up and prepared and off I went.
Then came the mad panic of getting the other nibbly bits ready. Mini pizzas, sausage rolls and chicken nuggets all took their turn in the oven, homemade coleslaw prepared, as well as greeting my mum, my mother in law, my sister in law and brother in law, getting Charles' party clothes on, and watching him open some of his presents.
The rest of our guests started to arrive and the food was ready. As everyone plated up and sat down outside it started to rain. Typical.
But my party guests were fantastic and didn't let the rain spoil their celebrating.
Some stayed sat/stood in the rain [despite being invited inside] and some sat under the gazebo.
The children hardly noticed the wet weather and continued to run and around and play together.
Charles was utterly spoilt by everyone and despite the weather a good time was had by everyone.
Highlight of the Sunday though had to be when the cupcakes were delivered to me in the morning. Very beautiful and soooooo yummy! The children had a green cupcake each and the others are saved for the three of us to enjoy.

This cake was given to everyone else:

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