Belly Beautiful.

2 years ago I was introduced to a fantastic photographer. My sister in law had bought us a Family Shoot with Shellie Wall Photography as our "new baby" present.
6 months after Charles was born we had our family shoot and were really pleased with the results. I stayed in touch with Shellie through Facebook and a year after our Family Shoot we saw her again at my sister-in-laws wedding, where she was photographer.
Again, the results were amazing and we were amazed at the photos. I couldn't help but to tell Shellie that I was pregnant, even though it was only early days. In fact I blamed Shellie for my second pregnancy as she had started photographing newborn babies. Seeing the photos on Facebook and on her blog made me melt. So I straight away made it clear that we would be having a Newborn shoot with her, and pencilled in with our rough due date, once we were given our EDD at the 12 week scan we let Shellie know so she could schedule us in her diary. The week after this baby is born we will be heading over to Shellies (amazing!) house and studio and having some gorgeous photos of him taken.
"Without a doubt, newborns are my favorite age to photograph. My best days with my camera, are the days that I get to photograph a fresh newborn. This age can be the most difficult to photograph. Remembering their tiny features, fluffy hair, and all that is new about them, brings back those amazing memories of of my own little angels.
These days should be captured and always remembered. The best time to contact me is before you have your baby. I will then add you to my schedule when your due date is expected. Once your baby arrives, then within the first week is the best time to arrange your session. The first week works best to get peaceful sleepy and very curly poses.
After two weeks of age, they are more likely to be disturbed while sleeping. It’s not uncommon for the session with a newborn to last 2-4 hours, allowing plenty of time to feed and comfort."
Alongside the newborn shoots Shellie also offers a Belly Beautiful package.
I showed my interest in this and we planned to go ahead, then I chickened out, something Shellie isn't aware of. With stretchmarks growing by the day, and a lack of glow I didn't feel like I was suitable to be photographed or that I would be gutted when I saw the results, not due to Shellies photography, but down to how I felt about myself. I secretly hoped Shellie wouldn't mention the shoot again.....but she did.
I couldn't bring myself to tell her the truth about how I was feeling so went ahead and booked in for June the 7th, part of me desperately wanted the shoot, hense why I booked it for when I was 35 weeks pregnant and not June the 18th, when I'd be 38 weeks pregnant (worried incase the baby comes early and I missed out on the shoot)
For a few weeks I'd been practising poses in the mirror, working out how I could position my hands to cover my stretchmarks, wondering which outfits to wear etc etc. Then came the morning of the shoot, I was feeling sick, nervous but really excited. I'd told Shellie I was feeling self-conscious and nervous and she reassured me. I'd also let her know that I wasn't sure if I'd actually get my bump out. To which she replied that it was ok, we could do plenty without bump out.

The thing is with Shellie is that although really I've only met her 4 times, once at the family shoot, once at my sister-in-laws wedding and two brief meetings when I collected photos and a camera lens from her, yet it feels like I've known her for years.
As soon as I walked into her studio I said "I'm nervous, I'm not getting bump out".......5 minutes later I was stood in front of the white backdrop, bump WAS out. I spent most of the time there with bump out and even stripped down to just my jeans and my bra.
I felt so comfortable and the most confident I have this pregnancy.
My stretchmarks - didn't matter.
The saggy bit of skin at the bottom of my bump left behind from my first pregnancy - didn't matter.
My short non-existent neck and triple chins - didn't matter.
The fact my roots are very bad that you can clearly see I am not a natural blonde (oh the shame!)- didn't matter.

We had just dropped my mum off at her house when I had a notification on my phone. "Shellie Wall tagged a photo of you" Blimey, she's quick!!
I nervously opened the photo, expecting to see a bump with faint red stretchmarks which no amount of editing could get rid of.
Instead I saw a photo which made me feel amazing and made my eyes fill with tears.

Would I recommend Shellie? Of course I would!! But not just to local people, but to everyone, no matter how far you have to travel. It takes us an hour and fifteen minutes(ish) to get there (approx 46 miles) but its well worth it, than to go to someone in our town who we won't be happy with.

We are seeing Shellie as soon as the baby is here and have already booked a family shoot with her in December! And I am genuinely looking forward to them all!

Shellie has kindly agreed to let me share some of the photos on my blog. 


* I have not recieved any free shoots, photos or discounts. 
I chose to post this because I am proud of the photos and no other reason.
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