Flashback Friday: 0-12 months.

Last week for Flashback Friday I blogged 12-24 months. A tiny insight into the year we'd had with Charles, and shared photos from his First Birthday Celebrations last year.
This week, with his birthday fast approaching next Tuesday, I thought I'd share some photos from the day he was born. Plus a couple more which mean a lot to me.
Charles was born at 12:41 on his due date, June 14th. I've previously blogged his Birth Story so no need to go into detail on here.
He was born in the birthing pool at our local hospital. Unfortunately we were so caught up in the moment that we didn't take the camera into the pool room so have no photos to back this up!

Me in labour, just before we got into the pool:

The first photo of him:
This was a horrific day for him (sort of) It was his first proper trip in the car, other than coming home from hospital. Although sadly it was to go to the hospital over an hour away to have his tongue tie snipped. Its also the day he had his first bath, which he did not like, hense why he is looking at me the way he is.
And soon he became a little boy:
We spent the majority of the first year (well 18 months) doing this:

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