Flashback Friday: 12-24 months

With Charles' birthday heading straight for us on June 14th I wanted to "dedicate" the next couple of Flashback Fridays to him.

This last year has gone by so quickly, it seems like only last month that he turned 1, yet now here we are about to celebrate his 2nd birthday and planning for the arrival of a baby brother for him.
Just really doesn't seem real. And it scares me.

His development has been amazing this last year. His speech makes me super proud, especially considering how far "ahead" he seems to other boys we know who don't seem to say much or just say the basic words. There is nothing better than being able to have a conversation with your child, I have discovered. And having them able to tell you why they are upset, where they have hurt themselves, what they'd like to eat etc etc.

His understand if a lot of things also blows me away. He was 16/17 months when we found out baby number two had been made and immediately made him aware that mummy has a baby in her tummy.
He completely understands that there is a tiny baby in my tummy, that its a boy, that his name is XXXXX and that he is not ready to come out yet.
He's very affectionate with my bump and gives it kisses, cuddles, strokes it, rubs in my stretchmark cream for me (known as XXXXX-cream) and recently made me sit and watch Postman Pat with my bump out so "the baby could watch Pat" and he was excited to be able to point out all of the characters to the baby.
This also surprises me, I didn't know the name of the Postman Pat characters until HE told ME.
He picks up on things really well and is a real BOY (even though he likes to wear hair clips, my high heeled shoes and flip flops and enjoys a manicure!) and I love this about him.

I was going to add photos from throughout the year but there are far too many to choose from so I will share photos from his birthday weekend 2010.

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