The Gallery: I'm Grateful For....

We've had some tough times since Charles has been born with family conflicts and I'll be honest, and he knows this too, at times I thought "wow we are not going to get through this" but we have, and as an extra up yours to the person causing the conflicts we are preparing for the arrival of baby number two!
It was during a holiday to Center Parcs that my husband made my day, well made me so so so happy, when he told me that I didn't have to return to work, something I had been dreading and had been making me feel very anxious and depressed about.
So everyday, he spends his time doing this [sort of, he has a MUCH better microphone than that and uses a desk and other techinical equipment I'm too scared to touch!] just so I can do what I love.

He is really supportive of me, and really surprised me if I'm honest with how passionate HE was over me breastfeeding Charles.

We've been together since 27th of December 2002 [well that was our first date so we celebrate that as our anniversary] and married on the 23rd of April 2005. I think its so easy to become too comfortable in a relationship and start taking each other for granted and not appreciating the good points in your partner, and only noticing the things that wind you up. I know sometimes I am guilty of this but I try almost everyday to concentrate on the things that I love about this man, and there is a lot.

I recently met up with a friend who's just come out of a long term relationship with the father of her two year old son, is now in an on-off relationship with another man [very early days]....and is now pregnant with his child.
When I think about this I realise just how lucky I am to have my husband. I am proud of US as a couple to have been married as long as we have, I'm proud of the fact we waited a few years into our marriage to have children.
He's very determined to work hard on our marriage if things ever got that bad which I really love. I know that sounds silly but to know that your husband wouldn't just give up easily is very reassuring.

Something else which I love about my husband is how intelligent he is. He has taught me a lot and loves teaching Charles about the solar system, the Royal family etc.

He is a fantastic daddy and I think our children are very lucky to have him as their daddy.
He is very hands on and never complains at changing a nappy ;-)
The newborn days with Charles were hard on him because really the only way to keep Charles settled most of the time was breastfeeding, obviously something my husband couldn't fulfill so he felt helpless at times. He didn't let this affect thie bond and they are super close which is lovely.

These are two of my favourite photos. They are so precious and ones that I will always treasure.

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