My Gallery: Breastfeeding

Almost every week I take part in The Gallery link up and follow the theme set by Tara, the host.

To celebrate National Breastfeeding Week I wanted to post my own Gallery.....My Gallery.

Criticisms and negative comments I hear so regularly in response to public breastfeeding are mostly the following:
1: I don't want everyone/people to see my boobs [breastfeeder]
2: I don't want to see someones boobs [randomer]

I fed anywhere and everywhere, my husband and my mum soon realised how important it was to me to record this through photographs. I know for  fact that noone ever saw my breasts.
Honestly, I think you see a lot more cleavage and breast from girls on a Friday and Saturday night than from a Breastfeeding Mummy.

Take a look at the following photos, do they offend you?

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