National Breastfeeding Week: The Petition

Throughout pregnancy we are all encouraged to breastfeed. Not all of us choose to but those of us who do like to feel supported and NEED support, just to be encouraged or to be advised with latching, position, expressing, etc.

We are lucky that in our area we have a 24 hour Breastfeeding Team. It seems this is very rare and I am unaware of other areas that have such a service.

The Government, whilst making reductions, have cut the funding for National Breastfeeding Week.

Its no surprise to you,  I hope, that I am very passionate about breastfeeding. I think any funding towards the support for breastfeeding mothers is essential.
National Breastfeeding Week is for me, so crucial; to ensure that the benefits of Breastfeeding are put out there and women feel the value of breastfeeding and to feel that what they are doing IS important and supported.

For any of you who breastfeed, or tried breastfeeding, or even support breastfeeding even though you were unable to do so, I ask you to please follow the link below and sign the petition to bring back Government Funding for National Breastfeeding Week.

Just because you don’t breastfeed, and don’t feel passionate about it, lets support each other, help fellow mums by signing the petition. 

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