Second birthday celebrations. The Family Day Out Edition.

We have decided that, when we can, we will spend our childrens birthdays as just the four of us. We want to go on days out for their birthdays so plan in advance where we will go [which zoo] with an alternative if the weather decides to be bad [sealife centre?]

Last year we visited Banham Zoo and this year we decided to visit Africa Alive. Charles has been to Africa Alive before, infact his last visit was on the 7th of November last year, the same day we found out that I was pregnant with his baby brother!

Thankfully the weather was fantastic again.
Charles woke up in the morning and we played upstairs until we were all ready to head downstairs for cards and presents.

We planned to leave early for the zoo but he loved his presents so much that we left him play for a while and eventually headed for the zoo [a 10-15 minute drive] at 11 o clock.

As soon as we got there we had to go and find the Rhinos, Charles' current favourite animal and then we walked around the rest of the park, went on the train which circuits the zoo, then stamped our hands and headed to a pub by the beach for some lunch....which Charles didn't really eat because he wanted to see the animals again!

We then went back to the zoo for another couple of hours, grabbed an ice cream and daddy treated the birthday boy to a cool pair of sunglasses, mainly due to the fact that Charles kept stealing my husbands [prescription] sunglasses.
We sat and watched the lions, who were incredibly boring and lazy that day, and then again went to see the Rhinos.
After saying bye to the Rhinos and blowing them a kiss we went towards the "big ducka" [Ostrich]. When we visited the zoo in November there was a very aggressive and annoyed Ostrich who kept pecking at the glass in his enclosure.
We thought he wouldn't still be so angry and frustrated.......we were wrong.

After seeing the Big Ducka for almost half an hour we went and saw some ducks and then sat near the Giraffes and the boys decided to roll down the small hill whilst I sat and watched them realising just how lucky I am to have these two special boys in my life.

Then came home time. Charles had missed his nap so was grumpy, my husband took him to the front of the gift shop whilst I hunted for something to buy him to keep from his special day. Armed with 5 £1 coins [birthday present] to put towards the gift I found a gorgeous cuddly Rhino for £10.

Coming home I spent some quality time [as I do everyday] with Charles whilst my husband did a little bit of work. We played with his new toys, talked about his day, ate some dinner and birthday cake and then did the usual bedtime routine of bath, story with daddy, then I joined him again as my husband went downstairs.
He had a cuddle with bump before we had a cuddle in his bed and again spoke about the animals he'd seen, the noises they make, and the fact that the lions aren't allowed to eat him and that Rhinos have big bums....and the goats had done a poo.

Then he drifted off to sleep and I had my little cry.
My baby is Officially Two. A big boy now.
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