And just like that.......

My days of being pregnant are over. I'll never experience it again.
This has been the quickest 9 months of my life. Just as I felt I'd accepted I was pregnant, although it sounds like it was unplanned, it wasn't, we had planned to get pregnant, it was over and our new baby is here!
I ended up having a traumatic birth and will possibly blog about it if/when I feel comfortable enough to do so. A week on its still extremely raw and we are in the process of arranging a debrief with the hospital.

I am shocked at how "over" the pregnancy I am. With Charles I remember feeling my tummy everyday and finding it hard to get used to there not being a bump. This time, I can't even remember what it felt like to have a bump, I can't remember what I looked like or what it felt like.
In a way this worries me and I can't help but feel like maybe the labour issues made me angry with my body and therefore my head has decided to remove all trace of feeling and memory from the pregnancy.

At the moment I have an odd feeling with regards to pregnant women, its hard to explain and I'm not really sure what this feeling is. But seeing a pregnant woman makes me feel sick, knowing someone is in labour or is giving birth makes me feel sick. Almost like I have a fear of pregnant women I guess.

So, at 25 years old I am hanging up my womb and will make no more babies. (unless its an accident!)
I couldn't be anymore happier than I am and I feel incredibly lucky to have my two boys, both healthy and totally gorgeous.

I leave you with the latest and last edition of our family.

Harry Dale.

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