Baby Beautiful

On the 7th of June I blogged some of the shots taken by Shellie Wall Photography as part of my Belly Beautiful photoshoot.

The Belly Beautiful package includes a Maternity Shoot and then a Newborn Shoot.

For the best results I recommend you schedule your session within the first week of baby's arrival.
The first week works best to get peaceful sleepy and very curly poses.
With the following statement in mind, and being in labour what seemed an age I decided to message Shellie whilst in the birthing pool room and told her to book me in the following week, baby Harry was on his way!

I was really excited to have this shoot. I have admired Shellies newborn photos on Facebook since she started doing them and jokingly blame her for my broodiness and for Harrys existence!

So at 8 days old we proudly took our 2 little boys over to Yaxham, Norfolk for Harrys first photo shoot.
I'm am fiercely protective over my boys and especially when they are teeny tiny newborn babies and hate handing them over to people to hold. I wondered if I would feel this way with Shellie but as we got there, and once Harry was undressed and fed, I felt really comfortable handing him over for Shellie to cuddle him and to move him into the positions and poses she needed to during the shoot.
I even found myself at times leaving her in the room alone with him whilst I went into the lounge to play with Charles and make sure he was happy and not feeling left out (and not trashing her beautifully clean house)
Watching Harry in the same poses and gorgeous knitted as the babies I'd seen in photos online was really bizarre but so lovely. I mostly enjoyed just seeing my gorgeous baby totally naked, enjoying taking in every centimeter of his soft newborn body.

On the way home I received my first Facebook notification....Shellie Wall has tagged you in a photo. I nervously opened the photo and cried and cried.
As I was tagged in further photos the tears continued to form and fall. And this is the reason why:

I couldn't ask for better photos. Shellie is so talented and I am so proud of the photos she's taken of my new baby boy. I just wish she was doing these 2 years ago when Charles was a newborn.

* I have not recieved any free shoots, photos or discounts. 
I chose to post this because I am proud of the photos and no other reason.
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