DIY: Sugar Scrub.

A couple of weeks ago a friend and myself went for a mini pamper afternoon. For her it involved having her nails done, for me it involved having my eyebrows waxed and dyed and my eyelashes tinted. We afterwards headed to have a fish pedicure at a place in town called Nibble Me Glam.

I've never been much of a pamper kind of girl. Body massages fill me with dread, waxing scares me, facials just seemed a bit pointless when I can do the same at home, pedicures seemed silly as I just know that the law of the sod would kick in and I'd stub my toe and the nail varnish chip....and the same with a manicure. I am a nail biter, well on and off, at the moment I have lovely long nails except I am blessed with weak nails, so I fear that a beautician would file my nails and once one breaks, they all do in a pure domino effect stylee.

When we left the fish pedicure place and my friend dropped me home I sat alone in my lounge (the boys were spending the afternoon with my husbands dad) and I started craving beauty treatments! I wanted a facial. I hunted upstairs only to discover that in one of my ruthless clean out sessions I'd completely got rid of any face scrubs I owned, so a facial performed by me wasn't an option.
I had planned to add a facial scrub to this weeks Sainsburys order but alas, pregnancy brain kicked in and I forgot to purchase any.

I have an array of moisturisers and a toner but a scrub is what I really need.
So, today again in the mood for a pamper session I have decided to take the matter into my own hands and try out a DIY Scrub. How hard can it be after all?
So I searched the Internet looking for idea for recipes and it seemed super simple.
I settled on what seemed to be the easiest and most reoccurring of all. Sugar + Olive Oil. Simple.

I saw a mixture of suggestions on how much sugar and olive oil to mix together and decided to just make it up as I went. I like my face scrubs to be quite harsh and really tough, so you can feel it scratching against your skin.
I started off using 3/4 of a dessert spoon of sugar, with the same amount of oil. Then adding a little bit more of each until I had the consistantsy that was right for me.
I am unfortunate in suffering with blackheads on my chin and nose. Its not totally noticeable to people [apparently] but I know its there. So these were the two areas I concentrated most on.
The scrub felt really nice and just like any normal scrub you can buy from shops, even the most expensive ones! I was concerned with the oil at first, thinking it would leave my skin very oily and causing me to have to wash and wash to get rid of it, but this wasn't the case, the sugar had absorbed the majority of the oil.

I massaged the scrub into my skin for approx 5 minutes. Then simply rinsed the scrub off with luke-warm water.

I was so pleased with the results. Who knew something as simple as two kitchen cupboard essentials could give the same effects as an expensive scrub?! This would also work perfectly as a body scrub, foot scrub or hand scrub.
To make the scrub a little more luxurious you can add some vanilla or mint extract, whatever you wish!

Now I am on the hunt to find other DIY beauty products using items I already have in the cupboards.

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