Flashback Friday: Week 39.

It seems only apt that I dedicate this weeks Flashback Friday to Week 39.
Next Wednesday is my due date. Today [Friday obviously] I am 39+2.

Looking back at photos now I think I am bigger this time, infact I know I am bigger this time as at my 38 week midwife appointment I was measuring at 40cm, whereas in my last pregnancy I was 38cm at 38 weeks.
My bump was so perfectly round and I didn't put on weight anywhere else, other than my face a little.

As you can see from comparing the 3 following photos (top 2 taken on the same day) my bump would drop and then be high again. So it was never easy to tell if his appearance was soon or not!
I'm hoping that next week I can share with you some newborn photos of Charles and compare them to newborn photos of his baby brother.
Fingers crossed for me please everyone. I don't want to go overdue!

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