Since the birth of Harry I have had the same two questions asked regularly by almost everyone?

1: Will you have anymore?
2: [once the above is answered] Why Not?


1: No, we do not want anymore!
2: Because we only want two children AND because of the condition we had with Harry. No it may not happen again BUT it could, or anything could, and we don't want to risk it.

I can't understand why just two weeks after the birth of a child, [and less than two weeks in these cases] people feel the need to ask these questions.
I don't give birth to a child and then think "right, next one?!"

I've been open and honest about my birth with Harry and the condition we faced [Vasa Praevia] and have shared my birth story, not only on this blog but then also via this blog on Facebook. Yet people still ask the questions.

How can people not understand that
1: We are happy with two children. We always wanted two children.
2: The birth has affected me that much that I don't want to risk the possibility of going through the same again or infact not being so lucky next time.

The experience we had has almost made me feel like hiding away. A question we are all asked after the birth of a child is "did everything go ok?" and I'm not going to lie and say "yes, it was perfect" so I tell people exactly what happened, or a rough idea.
I've found most people to be sympathetic, and some to just not really get it and not realise just how serious the condition can be.
So hiding away means I won't be faced with these questions, I won't need to answer anything, I won't feel like I'm constantly being questionned about something I don't want to talk about, I won't keep crying about it.

And why can't people accept that some people just want two children? I come from a family where there is two of us, my husband is the same, so for us it is normal. I have always only wanted two children, ever since I was little. And the same with my husband.
I have a funny thing about odd numbers and hate the idea of 5 as there would always be one left out [rollercoaster rides etc]

I am now waiting for the comments about me having two boys....I had the comments during pregnancy but am yet to have them now Harry is here......
1: Aren't you gutted that you didn't have a girl?
2: Won't you try for a girl?

NO and NO!

I just long for people to accept that I am so over the moon with my two boys and we feel so content with four of us that a fifth child isn't needed or even really thought about!

My family is so perfect to me and my life is really complete.

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