Yes, he's named after a cat.

When we found out we were pregnant with Charles there was no doubt about the name we would choose if he was a girl. Evelyn. We’d discussed baby names 3 months into our relationship (full on I know!) and Evelyn was one we both loved. 
Boys names were ones we needed to discuss.
Oliver, Tobias, George, Elliot, Henry were all names on our list. Up until 20 weeks he was definitely going to be Oliver if a boy.  This was simply because my husband liked it and didn’t really want to consider any other names. Until I suggest Charlie [a name I’d always loved], and we then decided we wanted something more than Charlie, so settled on Charles. Very soon I found myself in love with the name Charles as well as Charlie. My granddads name was Charles although this was merely a coincidence and not the reason Charles was named this.

The name we both ultimately wanted for him though, was Harry.  Except there was a problem. We already had a Harry in our lives.