Flashback Friday: December 2009

I haven't joined in with Flashback Friday for a while, mainly due to the fact that I was running out of photos. Most seemed to just be from 2009/2010 and this didn't seem to be much of a "Flashback era" to keep repeating. So I've decided to dip in and out of the linky so as to not bombard you all with photos which seem all the same.

Anyway, with this post I take you back to December 2009. Its a Sunday and its Charles' Christening. This day has caused me lots of stress, bringing divorced families together, not finding the outfit I really wanted, two Godparents not being able to make it due to distance, my brother being hungover and only staying for 5 minutes.
My mum made his beautiful outfit which consisted of dungarees and a jacket which were made out of the shawl the accompanied my wedding dress. I am incredibly proud to have been married before I had children and wanted my dress to play a part somehow in my childrens Christenings.
My mum and I also made the building blocks cake.

When we eventually got to the church, it was pouring so my lovely straightened hair was now slightly wavy at the back, we walked in and I noticed my dad, his wife, my nan and her partner all sat near to the back on the right hand side, away from the rest of the party and all looking rather peed off [for no particular reason]. Great start!

The Christening went really well. Charles was almost 6 months old so getting to the fidgety stage and the gurgley "ooooo, ummm, orrrrr" phase so I just hoped he didn't make much noise. He was very well behaved.
We were invited to the back of the church to the Font to watch the Baptism and the whole of the [small] party went, except my dad, his wife, my nan and her partner didn't join us despite me encouraging them too, to this day I still do not know why even though I have asked. Their loss!

The Reverend then carried Charles up the aisle stopping at each of the pews to introduce him to the congregation. Its a tiny church, the one my nanny and grandad married in and my grandad [and two aunties are buried in] and the church I most would of loved to have been married. As the Reverend made her way back to her place at the front of the church she spoke to us all, leaning into her microphone and still holding Charles. He went to grab the microphone but thankfully at that point she happened to step back and it was a miss. Phew!

We had a small buffet in the pub next door, which my nanny worked at many years ago.
All in all it was a lovely day. Sadly we had to keep numbers down to keep a certain someone happy after we wouldn't invite her extended family so it wasn't the big celebration I'd hoped for.

I am in the process now of organising Harrys Christening which will hopefully be at the same church with the same Reverend and with the reception being in the same pub, only with a much bigger guest list and a bigger party as I stick two fingers up to the person I won't be making an effort towards keeping happy.

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