Ten Things You Didn't Know About Me

After having a slight hissy fit on Twitter I was tagged by two lovely bloggers. The Crazy Kitchen and mum2babyinsomniac. Thanks ladies, much appreciated.

  1. I’m convinced I was alive during the war.
  1. When on holiday in Tenerife in 2004 I was woken up in the middle of the night by what’s best described as a “swirly cloud” in the room and heard a voice which gave me the name Horatio. For some reason I said “You can’t come in, I’m not ready to let you in” and it stopped. I went back to sleep. The next day I told my husband what happened and he had a very similar experience although slightly different but was also given the name Horatio!
  1. We had a strange experience at Longleat Centre Parcs last year in a particular villa. The bedroom was constantly cold, even though the heating was on full, Charles was very unsettled and scared constantly and we felt there was someone there with us. My husband saw a shadow on the sofa one night. Odd things happened the whole week we were there and it has, long with the price increases, put us off going back.
  1. I am hardly ever happy with my hair and constantly have it in a pony tail even though it annoys me. If I decide I want it cut then I want it cut NOW.
  1. I am a real sulker. I love a good sulk and would sulk for days if given the chance.
  1. I desperately want to be welsh/have a welsh accent.
  1. I have a “girl crush” on Holly Willoughby and Jennifer Lopez.
  1. I am scared of people dressed in costumes [such as Mickey Mouse etc]
  1. I used to be a promo girl for 2 radio stations.
  1. I LOVE having my blood pressure taken! Doctors, midwives, nurses etc never believe me and think I am lying but I really really love it.
Although most people have been tagged, and apologies if you've been tagged already, I tag:
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