Flashback Friday: Happy Birthday to Me [Us]

In two days time I will be the grand old age of 26. I'm really looking forward to it although slightly going through a premature midlife crisis-esque breakdown.

My husband has always been fab and made sure I've had a fab birthday. For my 19th and 21st we went to Disneyland Paris [where we also honeymooned] We tend to go out for the day and he will cook me a 3 course meal [everything from scratch] and we drink champagne. Lovely!

Last year my birthday was on a Saturday, hubby had to work in the morning so the following day we decided to hand Charles over to my mum for the day and have a bit of "we time". We hired a boat out and spent the day on the Norfolk Broads. This was the first time I'd left Charles all day so there were tears from me.
We stopped at 2 pubs on the journey and drank champagne and other drinks on the boat. We were both rather happy on the trip!

Heres a montage of my 21st, 23rd, 24th and 25th birthday photos [who knows what happened for my 22nd!]

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