The Gallery: Home

This weeks theme for The Gallery is Home.
Today I'm bringing things right back home, literally.
This week's theme is: Home.
There's no place like it, right?
So what makes your home 'home'? What's your favourite bit, a favourite corner, a room with a story to tell? Is there something in your home you wouldn't be without, or a treasured item, or something passed down the generations?
Is there a place you sit to find peace or a room you're particularly proud of?
Let's talk home. And you can be as creative as you like!

So I could show you photos of my home, inside and outside. Or I could do something a bit different. Something which means a lot more than the bricks and cement that make our 3 bed semi. I expect someone else has done this too.

The special place I am talking about, the place that only 2 people will ever call home is:

For 9 months I nurtured my two babies, kept them warm, fed and comfortable and let them grow.
And like in our house, they come in, make a bit of a mess and leave their marks but we love them despite this.

 You know where to go now......
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