The Gallery: Shoes

Last year I read that Denise Van Outen claimed that after she gave birth to her daughter Betsy, she had to sell all her designer shoes due to her feet increasing in size.
I was thankful that all I was left with after my pregnancy with Charles was bigger boobs and a saggy tummy, with no need to say goodbye to some much loved footwear.

Although sadly this is now true for me too. Recently I have tried on at least 7 pairs of shoes which fit perfectly fine pre-Harry but now appear and feel a size too small. Gutted!
This of course gives me the task of going through all my shoes and boots and trying them on and deciding which to give to charity and which to throw away. It'll be an annoying and sad job to do. Made even worse that most of these shoes will need replacing which as a stay at home mum, isn't possible due to no cash!

This year I had to say goodbye to my most favourite boots. My beloved Emu boots. If I had to live with one pair of shoes/boots for the rest of my life these would be it!
Simply because I had worn them to death, and a dog had bitten holes into them. I now dream of the day I am handed a box of replacement beige Emu or Ugg boots in a size 8 to keep my feet warm, in memory of this very pair.

*Yes I have cheated and posted this last week under a different title. AND since then am very lucky enough to have been given the money to treat myself to a pair of Uggs :-D

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