DIY Christening Reception Activities

Charles' Christening was a small affair, to keep family happy, and this is now a regret of mine. Although at the time Charles was only a week or so off from being six months and his other friends were younger so it seemed pointless in way.

We have six children coming to Harrys Christening. Not only so that Charles has some friends there to keep him company but also because we have formed strong relationships with their parents. 3 of Harrys Godparents happen to have children and these children are friends with Charles so they have to be there anyway.

I had planned to make them all a party bag. But with 4 or 5 birthday partys in the space of 3 months we're all sick of tripping up over small plastic toys.
I wanted to do something though to keep the children entertained and to keep them from getting bored and fed up. If the weather was guaranteed to be warm and sunny [its November, of course it wont be warm and sunny] then I would be hiring a bouncy castle to keep them happy but as this would be a risky choice.
I saw some activity packs at a garden centre at the weekend that were only 99p. Included were colouring sheets and crayons. Bargain packs and it would cost me just under £6 for the packs.
But, as frugal as I am and not wanting the children to lose the pencils and ignore the pieces of paper or leaving scrunched up paper on the floor.

So, back to plan A [the real reason we went to the garden centre was to buy just crayons]. Off I surfed to eBay and bought a job lot of crayons. 10 packs of 4 crayons for £2.49.
I will put half/three quarters of these in a tub on a table along with some homemade colouring sheets. The rest of the crayons left at home for Charles another day.

So a saving of £3.50 plus whatever money I’d of paid in Diesel to get to the garden centre. Also missing out on the aggravation of taking a toddler and baby out in the car, transport them around the garden centre just to get something I can make myself.

So, there we are. DIY activity packs.
Inexpensive and simple.
And the money I’ve saved can go towards new shoes ingredients to make some yummy treats for the children.
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