The Gallery: Colour.

Tara over at Sticky Fingers has given us the topic: colours as this weeks theme for The Gallery.
It's really really simple this week. As the sun came back out in the UK and took us TOTALLY by surprise, I shouted to anyone who would listen: 'TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS'. Remind yourself of this time so you can look back and say 'I remember when . . . '
There are the most beautiful fallen leaves and conkers and blazing sunshine here in the UK - just unheard of!

And so to encourage you all to get out there with your phone cameras, your point and shoots or your fancy dSLRs this theme is for you.
This week's theme is: Colour.
Just one colour, whichever one you like, just pick one.
Now I know the instructions ask us to just pick one, but the photos I have chosen feature a range of colours but each seems to feature green in some way so Green will be my colour ;-)
I am slightly cheating here as some of these photos featured on an earlier post of mine for The Gallery [Green] but they are the most suitable for this theme and I am so proud that I just want to show them off again.
They are taken in the wood which my husband granddad used to own and now belongs to my husbands aunty and uncles.
I love going there all year round as the colours change so much. You really feel and notice the difference in seasons whilst at the wood.
These photos were taken whilst we celebrated Charles' "Unofficial" Naming Day last year. It was a hot summers day and we had the most amazing time.

Nature is simply beautiful.

Whilst I go and sit on the naughty step by not following instruction correctly, check out the other colourful entries by clicking on this here badge.....

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