The Gallery: Inspirational People.

Taras theme for The Gallery this week is Inspirational People.
Who has inspired you? A relative, your own mum, your dad, a close friend, someone famous, a stranger even.
Let's give these wonderful  unsung heroes a platform to shine from.
I ummed and ahhed over this. It was going to be my mum, my husband, my brother, my nanny, and I was just about to write this and have it include my two boys.

Instead I'm taking a direction that others may not agree with. This person wasn't as popular as they used to be but through everything she did I found her fascinating. She was someone I always wanted to be friends with.
I found the fact that she was a curvy girl inspirational.
The fact that she can from a troubled background and made something of herself inspirational.
And I found her fight with cancer inspirational.
The fact that she opened young womens/girls eyes to the fact that this could be them and that we should'nt put off smear tests. If we notice any abnormalities to seek help from our doctors.

Because of her I visited my doctor last week. Not for a smear test or abnormality there, but to be checked out for something else.
Because of her I ignore my fears and embarressment to get any problem, big or small, checked out so they can [hopefully] be caught in time and so that my sons aren't left without a mummy.

The year of the Big Brother scandal she stayed at a house in Norfolk. The boy who lived in this house happened to take part in the pantomime at Watton, a panto which we went to everywhere when my husbands sister was involved in it. This particular year Jade had planned to dress in a disguise and go but at the last minute decided not to.
I was gutted that I was so close to being in the same room as her let alone meet her.

I know not everyone likes her and people have negative things to say, if you are one of these people then please just move on and don't make your thoughts known here.

The person in question:
Jade Goody.

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