Halloween Hypocrites

I'm not a fan of Halloween, well its not Halloween I have a problem with...its Trick or Treating.
Particularly parents/children who knock at any house.

As a 26 year old even I feel uncomfortable and anxious at having groups of people, be it innocent children or troublesome teens, knocking on my door, especially when the evenings are so dark! I can't begin to imagine how scary it can feel for vulnerable adults and the elderly.

I also hate "trick or treat". Why should I have eggs thrown at my house/car or have my house/car/garden trashed just because I choose to not give children sweets?
And why do most children now expect money if sweets have run out?

It can take us a while to get Charles to sleep, and I'm sure other parents can sympathise with this, so for him to be woken by children asking for sweets would be extremely irritating.

And the other thing that gets me, is that if children are going to go trick or treating, at least put effort in. A great costume, face paint etc...A 99p mask or witches hat along with normal clothes really doesn't earn you the right to ask for a reward.

When I was a little girl we were taught, at home and at school that we do not take sweets from strangers. We do not approach strangers. And so on.
The message was so strong that a policeman would come in every year and drum the message into us.

Yet one this one day every year, hundreds of parents send their children out to knock on strangers houses and beg for sweets.
I don't even get the argument that people will only go/tell their children to only go to a house which is decorated for Halloween.
Maybe I am too over-sensitive about it but surely this is a great time for a Paedophile to encourage children to his/her house and befriend them (even if the parents go too)?

We have bought Pumpkins this year and will do so if the boys want to BUT they will never be allowed to go trick or treating.
A Halloween party, yes they can go to that.
But begging for sweets, no way.
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