Makka Pakka and His Christmas Sponge

 As Charles sat on his bed tonight getting ready to lay down and have a “quick mummy cuddle” before I went down to my wifely duties of making my husband dinner, he all of a sudden became excited by his Makka Pakka teddy which he sleeps with.
“Mummy, where’s Piggle?”
“You don’t have a Piggle, you only have a Pakka”
“Where’s Piggle though mummy? He’s in the playroom?”
“He’s still in the shop. Would you like us to buy you a Piggle”
*Cute high pitched voice and cheeky yet innocent face* “eeeeeee-yeeeaahhhhh”
“Ok. Although how about we ask Father Christmas to bring you Piggle?”
He looked at me slightly confused. I’d sort of mentioned Father Christmas to him recently but there's always been distractions so I took my opportunity and told him a brief story of Father Christmas.

“Charlie needs to write a letter telling Father Christmas which presents he would like. Father Christmas will then make those presents, if Charlie is a good boy, and then on Christmas Eve, when Charlie has gone to sleep, Father Christmas will fly high in the sky and come to our house. He has Reindeer which pull him along on his…..bike [I know I know but Charles doesn’t know what a sleigh is yet so bike seemed easier.
Father Christmas will then knock on the door, daddy will answer and say “hello Father Christmas” Father Christmas will then say “Hello Charles’ daddy. Can I bring Charles’ presents in please?” And daddy will say yes. They will eat some cake and drink some beer and the Reindeer will eat the carrots we will leave out.
Then Father Christmas will put your presents under the tree and then go back on his bike and fly in the sky.
Then when you wake up in the morning and go downstairs, you will go to the tree and underneath there will be lots of presents. Some from mummy and daddy, some from the nannies, some from the granddads, some from Uncle Dale and some from Aunty Katy and then there will be some from Father Christmas! WOW!”
The look on his face was so precious. I could tell he was really listening to me and was excited by what I had told him but wasn’t sure exactly if he had taken in what I had said.
Until he repeated the majority of the story back to me.
I was amazed.
He had soaked in every piece of information and remembered it.
Except part of it changed and he says he will go downstairs and find what’s hiding in the grass.
I asked him what was hiding in the grass, to which he replied in a very patronising voice “the presents are hiding in the grass. The Piggle present”.
Then I realised that he didn’t quite understand that the Christmas tree will be in our lounge.

 What amazed me was how quickly be absorbed the information and the accuracy when repeating the story back to me.
In the mean time he is making do with just having Makka Pakka sleeping next to him….and I am desperately hoping that Toys R Us have the large Iggle Piggle soft toys in again this year at Christmas!

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