Sweet Cheesy Gammon

We love Gammon in our house and like to have it on a regular basis. I am probably more fussy than my husband when it comes to Gammon because I like it cooked a certain way and I need it to be served with something-a sauce and/or pineapple. He, on the other hand, is happy with it served on its own or topped with an egg [which has to be runny].

Tonight I experimented. It almost went horribly wrong, to the point that I bet my husband £20 that he wouldn't end up eating it.
Needless to say I now owe him £20 as he ate the lot!

All I did was
Grill two Gammon Slices.
I then added some cheese sauce [I used Bisto Cheese Sauce Granules] Add as much as you feel necessary, I personally made a thick sauce and covered the whole slice.
I topped the cheese sauce with 3 cherry tomatoes which I'd sliced into quarters, and then topped this with some Sainsburys Crumble mix.
Then placed the topped slices back under the grill until the Crumble mix had turned golden.

I served this with new potatoes and a basic salad which was lettuce, beetroot and pineapple.

The flavours of the Gammon + its toppings are strong, and at times left us wondering if it actually worked but overall it was a big-fat-clean-plate yes! The saltyness of the Gammon and the sweetness [sugar] from the Crumble mix really interacted well and accompanied by the cheese sauce and slight taste from the tomatoes was perfect.
I'd definitely recommend serving with a salad rather than with vegetables as I think the salad just marries better with the salty vs sweet flavours.

I was only able to grab one photo of the Gammon with my phone so please excuse the quality.
Next time I make this I will provide better photos so you can appreciate how yummy it actually looks!
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