Mealtime Meltdown

Tonight was the second night in a row that a plateful of Toddler dinner was placed in the bin untouched.
Reason given by toddler: nothing.
No alternative dinner requested. No "I don't like it" comment made. Just a simple "NO!".
Tonights dinner was a homemade burger. First time I'd attempted homemade burgers and they were delicious. But he wasn't interested at all.
He ended up going to bed having just eaten 2 yogurts as I bare sending him to bed with a totally empty tummy.
Yesterday was the more adventurous Duck Stir Fry. This didn't seem a problem as he'd tried duck last week and surprised me by asking for more! And he likes noodles so I really expected this to be a hit.
Two noodles were eaten and pieces of duck were hidden in his bib!
We are trying to make an effort to sit up the table and eat at the same time. Normally my husband and I would eat after Charles was in bed but we wondered if us eating together would encourage his eating better.
It hasn't.

He's quite a small boy and we struggle to find clothes that fit him.
All jeans/trousers require a belt and pyjamas are a size smaller than usual, and still are a tiny bit big around the waist.
When he was first weaned it was all over the place. Never consistent.
Sometimes he would eat. Sometimes not.
There was never a food, other than garlic bread, that he became a real fan of.
His other friends were miles ahead when it came to eating and would polish off a pot of puree, a yogurt and a 5oz bottle of formula, Charles would polish off a breast full of milk.

Breakfast is the only meal which is eaten with no problems.
He surprised me one day this week by eating a ham sandwich! An "adult" sized one too. Ie/ ham between two sliced of bread. Not one slice of bread halved.
He normally asks for Soreen and will eat this either as his lunch or as a snack.
Another lunchtime favourite is Nutella Sandwiches (don't tut or turn your nose up at me please)
Other snacks include grapes, raisons or bananas.
We dont have biscuits here. He hardly touches crisps and he eat cake!

Potatoes are a no go area. Which shocks me.
I love potatoes. Mashed. Boiled. Roasted. Wedged. Chipped. Etc.
He won't touch them. He will rarely have chips either.
He loves Macaroni Cheese but some days he won't even eat this.
I guess its the same as us in that some days we don't fancy certain things for dinner but it annoys me greatly when he has asked for Macaroni Cheese or if simply he has fussed so much in the week that it is my final option.

I would love for him to sit down with us and eat a roast dinner.
Sunday I cooked us a chicken roast dinner. We used various methods of getting him to eat. Simply ignoring him. Asking him to copy us. Offering treats if he eats certain things. Chris Jarvis [Show Me Show Me] "phoned daddy" asking if "Charlie could eat dinner if not there wouldn't be anymore Show Me Show Me" This worked for one Yorkshire Pudding then failed afterwards. We also played Show Me Show Me with our theme being "Show Me Show Me Eating" (this works well with brushing teeth and putting toys away!)
He ended up sitting on the dining room table and eating 1 and a half Yorkshire puddings with hidden sweet potato and some chicken. Our way of getting him to do this?
The Lee Nelson Peer Pressure Challenge.
Basically we sit there and chant "Do it! Do it! Do it!" Until he eats something. When he eats something we go mad and praise him a lot.
He loved this yet it hasn't worked for further meals.

Other meals which (sometimes) guarantee him going to bed with a full tummy but certainly not something I want to give him regularly are Pasta N Sauces and Supernoodles.

So, what do we do! Persevere, throw away food everyday and just hope one day it clicks and he becomes a super eater? Or do we speak to our Health Visitor to see if we can see a Dietician?

Is this a problem other people face too?
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