Minarni and Abodys.

Never heard of those words have you? Don't look them up in the Dictionary as they won't be there. Or if they are, they won't have the same meaning as in our house.

One thing that my husband and I have found most fascinating about having a child is speech.
Charles is exceptionally good and has always seemed ahead of other boys his age that we know.
His speech tend to confuse people because he is a little boy (petite) and has a baby face so looks very young yet can talk very clearly and I rarely have to play translator. People were also shocked at his walking because of how young he looks.

When he started off communicating with us certain words meant different things. It was him grasping the language and putting certain words to actions or objects.
Food was known as "more". If he wanted to breastfeed he would ask for "booba".

Eventually food became "yum yum" then "num num" then "nummy num" then "manum manum" and then the word which to this day is still used commonly, despite him knowing the names of most foods, knowing breakfast, lunch, dinner etc.
Minarni [min-are-knee]
It refers to all food. If you are hungry you ask want Minarni. Animals eat their Minarni too.
A cow eats grass for his Minarni.
Our cat eats cat food for her Minarni.
Our rabbit eats carrots for his/her Minarni.
And so on...
Its become everyday language for us that its bizarre when someone questions the meaning of it.
"What does he want? What is he saying?"
"He's saying Minarni of course! He's hungry!" Then we realise that actually this is our own word.

We also havme one of our most puzzling words. Puzzling in that we are not able to work out its origin or the actual meaning of it.
Abodys. Pronounced three ways "a-body", "a-bod-eeee" and "a-bud-eeee".
This word I believe may mean simple "to fall, fallen, to drop or to have dropped, to jump or to have jumped"
If we jump up and down on the bed we are "doing abodys". If Charles decides to perform fake falling over and he runs into the lounge or dances he has "done and abody". If you throw something you shout "a-bud-eeeeee" as you throw it.
Its very bizarre but again has just become part of our day to day language.
I'm not talking about cute words replacing the normal ones, mispronounciations, such as 'cuggle' instead of 'cuddle' or cute words like 'bangings' instead of 'fireworks'. I'm talking about proper, made up words.

It got me wondering at the weekend whether or not Harry will say these words too or if we will have grown out of them and moved on by the time he talks.
He must certainly be aware of these terms as he hears us say them everyday. He has "mummy milk minarni" anyway and has been informed of this by his big brother.

And another word which is just between me and Charles really is "dibdab" or "dibberdab".
Mostly used when he can't think of a word to say or has forgotten what he was going to ask for, or is his answer after replying no to my questions.
Me: What would you like for dinner?
Charles: eeeeeerm....
Me: Sausages?
Charles: noooooo
Me: Macaroni Cheese?
Charles: nooooooo
Me: Pizza?
Charles: nooooo
Me: Pasta?
Charles: noooooo
Me: dibdab?
Charles: yes please!
Me: what do you want then?
Charles: dibdab
(*not those dibdab sweets by the way)

Or tv channels/programmes
Me: what would you like to watch?
C: errrrrrrm
Me: Nemo?
C: noooooo
Me: Toy story?
C: nooooooo
Me: Night Garden?
C: noooooo
Me: Pat?
C: noooooo
Me: Gruffalo?
C: noooooooo
Me: Storytrain?
C: noooooo
Me: SHOW ME SHOW ME? (Our current favourite)
C: noooooo
Me: what then?
C: erm...dibdab please?
Then we end up with Show Me Show Me.

I guess its our own version of upercalifragilisticexpialidocious [which you will find in a Dictionary]

I wonder if we will go through the same with Harry also and end up creating our own family dictionary.
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